Posted by: dcmjlive | April 27, 2009

2/27 – AI8 Semifinals2 Comments

Since I was too busy last night to blog about predictions, I decided I’ll make it up with my comments on the top 3. And of course, I’m also going to give my top 4 for each of the two groups that have presented already.

Without knowing who got in, here was my prediction:

Top Male – Adam Lambert
Top Female – Allison Iraheta
3rd spot – toss up between Kris Allen and Megan Corkrey

And yes, my prediction came true. Michael Sarver last week was unexpected, but everyone today was totally expected. So here’s my critique on each person:

Adam Lambert – This person is just AWESOME! He has an astoundingly crazy range. He has a good low and high register and with his chosen style of rock really works to his advantage. His last note (more like transition of notes) was his best part. And he gets fans because he does look like Joe Jonas minus the smooth skin plus the rocker spirit.

Allison Iraheta – It really is a night of the rockers. Her rendition of Alone is very comparable to the plant of last season, Carly Smithson, but better. And I agree with the video, this 16 year old has RAW NATURAL TALENT!!! She went from a nobody to a frontrunner. She may even give Danny Gokey a run for his money (although Danny is my top pick).

Kris Allen – You have to be crazy to pick a song by Michael Jackson! It’s already been a taboo genre for anyone who would want to proceed to the next round. But his song choice, Man in the Mirror, is the most subdued of the genre. And not only that, Kris Allen takes the song into a very soulful tone. He shooted as one of my favorites. And he gave 2 EXTRAORDINARY notes! And of course, he gets the teeny-bopper crowd, which I don’t mind. He made himself look better than Matt Giraud and that made him get in.

Megan Corkrey – Too bad she did not get in. From the start, I always thought this girl is READY TO SELL RECORDS!!! And with her song, she really needs to put her records on now!!! But since she did not get in to the top 3, she has to shine on the WILDCARD!!! Megan Corkrey for WILDCARD!!!

My Top 4 Wildcards for Group 1
Anoop Desai – HE HAS TO GET IN! I don’t care how weird he looks. He has the voice of an angel and I do think his rendition of Angel of Mine was really good. It’s sad he was beat by spastic Michael Sarver who I think is channeling Taylor Hicks. He needs to be in the wild card!

Tatiana del Toro – I don’t care if she is annoying as hell. Her voice is what really caught me. And hey, she decides to pick another taboo genre – Whitney Houston – but nails it. This crazy fat girl needs to be in the wild card!

Brent Keith – Like Bucky Covington before him, we need some country artist to grace the stage. And I think Brent Keith is the perfect choice to put in. But he isn’t half as good as the guys already in and who I put on this list. But hey, who knows, he may just pull of a Carrie Underwood.

Casey Carlson – Like Matt Giraud, in the next group, she really chose the wrong song! She’s pretty, she’s hot, she’s my crush! But she sang another song that is in a genre of its own, the police. There are really some songs that only people with the same voice as the original can sing. But she has commercial value. She should be given a second chance because I sort of like her voice.

My Top 4 Wildcards for Group 2
Megan Corkrey – LOOK ABOVE!!! HAHAHAHA!

Nick Mitchell/Normund Gentle – He is over the top comedic and I like it. Especially when he went to second base with the American Idol sign. That was HI-larious! But besides his comedy, he hit a very good note. And hey, he had spunk singing a Jennifer Hudson song. He needs to be in it.

Matt Giraud – He sucked last night but he was an early favorite. I mean, Simon is right, if he wants to do what he did last night, he should go. But if he chooses a route to do songs of Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder, Donnie Hathaway and all the genre of songs Elliot Yamin has to offer, he would definitely be good competition for Danny Gokey. Flat out, he needs to go back to his keyboard and hit those right songs. Viva La Vida is definitely not a song to have in r&b. Coldplay is a genre of their own.

Jesse Langseth – She really has a cool voice to her. Her song last night really was good but it did not make her stand out as much as the three who got in. I really do hope she gets into the wildcard.

Oh and here’s my top picks for the next group:

Top Female: Lil Rounds
Top Male: Scott Macintyre
3rd choice male: Nathaniel Marshall
3rd choice female: Kristen McNamara

something to take note though…if you notice, I put some VFTW worthy characters but despite that, I think they can be great artists.


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