Posted by: dcmjlive | April 27, 2009

3/11 Top 13 Performance Comments

I will not delve on predictions this week…because I don’t understand having a twist and knowing 2 will leave…at the same time.

So instead, let me just comment on each performance (All grades are set at UP standard):

Lil Rounds – She’s got it! She really has got it. Hard to beat performance of the night. And starting it up like that brought down the house. Amazing, no other words to say.

GRADE: 1.0

Scott Macintyre – True to who he is, he sung another faith song…relating it too much on his disability? He should have sung Man in the Mirror or She’s Out of My Life instead. Despite that, he did it well. Not AMAZING…just GOOD.

GRADE: 2.0

Danny Gokey – This person owned the stage. I wasn’t watching AI…I was watching the Danny Gokey concert. He was comfortable, he played with the song, he did the crowd-pleaser thing. It was ASTOUNDING. He’s the one to beat.

GRADE: 1.0 (Too bad I can’t give him anything higher)

Michael Sarver – I expected him to butcher the song but I was wrong. He showed some range and his normal likeability factor. Reminds me of Scott Savol and Matt Rogers…but then again, he didn’t do the song that much justice.

GRADE: 2.0

Jasmine Murray – I’m reconsidering my grasp of this girl. She has serious chops. However, I don’t like the vibe I get from her. She still needs to keep herself current and stop being too old…despite being able to carry it. Oh yeah, she has guts to take on a Mariah Carey song. That’s what I liked about Tatiana and that’s what I’m liking about Jasmine.

GRADE: 1.5

Kris Allen – This man is just rejuvenating. He really does justice to ANY Michael Jackson song. Not only that, he reminds me of Jason Mraz with his guitar. He is just COOL! He may not be the most pimped but he is extremely GOOD!!! He is the one I want to go far in the competition despite the EXTREME 3 (Gokey, Lambert Rounds). He is just SMOOTH! I’m downloading his covers of Man in the Mirror and Remember the Time. He is just AMAZING!!!

GRADE: 1.0 (I wish I could give him something higher as well.)

Allison Iraheta – I am amazed. Pretty much because I can’t believe a pop singer like Michael Jackson could produce a good rock track for Allison. She did it the way she does best. Too bad she’s the black sheep of the bunch. And oh yeah, she’s confirmed to NOT be Filipino. Too bad.

GRADE: 1.25

Anoop Desai – Important thing is he made me dance despite me being injured. Although this is the case, he did give a bad song choice, and this can hurt him. But oh well here’s my grade…

GRADE: 2.5 — plus points for making me dance…at best a 3.0

Jorge Nunez – Sorry but I hate the guy. This is not his genre.

GRADE: 5.0 — No other words needed.

Megan Corkrey – See ANOOP DESAI, good vocal though

GRADE: 2.25 — plus points for making me dance…at best 3.0

Adam Lambert – He is seasoned. She is talented. He is great. She is over the top. But that’s what Michael Jackson songs need…being over the top. He was seriously channeling Michael Jackson. She was really channeling her soul.

GRADE: 1.0

Matt Giraud – That was simply sweet, smooth and just soulful. He’s getting back on my favorites list. He did well. So far, my favorites have sung 2 Michael Jackson songs, sounds as soulful as Elliott Yamin and has a specialty instrument.

GRADE: 1.0

Alexis Grace – Still a great singer. In the pimped spot. But honestly, I didn’t feel her. Simon might have said she was over the top…but I say she was lacking in it. Great vocal though.

GRADE: 1.75

OK, I’m done. Tell me what you think.

EDIT: Let me delve on the week. Michael Jackson week is supposed to bring in TONS of train wrecks. The genre of MJ is untouchable. But since almost everyone had help with Kris Allen, a lot of them got away with good performances. Kris Allen really knows his Michael Jackson and knows how to style it. If anything, I say go Kris Allen! You’ll be a great addition to the music industry.


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