Posted by: dcmjlive | April 27, 2009

3/18 Top 11 Comments

So Idol picked the ever infamous Country week and renamed it Grand Ole Opry week. Big whoop. This just means one thing, pulling the contestants out of their comfort zones and weeding out the great from the boring. And I don’t get why they even pursue this because Simon Cowell hates the genre. Anyway, time to grade the idols.

Michael Sarver – It is actually refreshing to have an authentic country song as a start because the rest of the performances were not close to the authenticity of country. But I’d have to say, his song choice is the Beat It of country music. Idol is about bringing out those heavy vocals. I don’t agree with that thought but hey, that’s why it’s a singing contest. But I genuinely enjoyed the performance. So I have two grades:


Allison Iraheta – I agree with Kara that she can really sing the telephone book (I know Kara said alphabet, she’s just wrong with the idiom). She still has that raw natural talent and it’s also refreshing that she stuck to the genre rather than making it heavy rock as she’s used to. Great job.

GRADE: 1.5

Kris Allen – Simply a solid performance. Simply because it was connected, not over the top, not dramatic and just crisp enough. It was so solid that it stroked tender chords of music. It was a great ballad performance. Clearly the best of the night.

GRADE: 1.0

Lil Rounds – She made a mistake sticking to the genre and she should have put her R&B twist in it. She was awkward to watch. She did not do justice to the song. Honestly, this is really the time when I completely felt unconnected to Lil. She just lacks soul, great vocals, no soul. She is no Carrie Underwood.

GRADE: 5.0 — Falls from expectations…SAD

Adam Lambert – He really is TRUE to himself. You know what his performance reminds me of? It’s that thing done when Cora Corman (Haley Bennett) butchered Way Back Into Love in Music and Lyrics by making it an Indian, mantra-esque, sensual song. Adam totally BUTCHERED the song. His saving grace is the fact that his vocals are still as solid as ever. I’m torn so I give 2 grades.


Scott Macintyre – ANOTHER CHRISTIAN SONG!?!?! When will he stop singing songs of gratitude. He is just getting really boring. I can say his vocals are actually good, but I’m sick and tired of the same thing every week.

VOCALS: 1.75

Alexis Grace – Jolene, jolene, jolene, jo-leeene. Well, a different side for Alexis. Vocally, it was OK. I didn’t really find the performance all that great. It’s just uh, simple but not grand in a way that Kris Allen did it.

GRADE: 3.0

Danny Gokey – Is it just me or is Danny a complete suck-up. He takes the first hit country song of Carrie Underwood, the winner alumna of Idol. He really is trying too hard. PYT last time was a great choice because it’s not that famous but he was able to push it up. This time, he picked a completely known song, took the Scott route as well. So what did I think of the performance? Firstly, he was messing up the rehearsals so I was thinking what he would do in the real thing. When he started singing, he did an OK performance. It was unconnected and not all that heartfelt. But in the chorus, it was standard Gokey. So Gokey that that part was blazing hot!

GRADE: 2.0 (1st half – a dismal 5.0, 2nd half – a blazing 1.0, his second half compensates for his first half in more than a half ratio.)

Anoop Desai – see Kris Allen. (This does mean that he tied with Kris Allen for me.)

GRADE: 1.0 — He really upped his performance as compared to last week. I think he really tried his hardest to show he’s got what it takes and he proved it.

Megan Corkrey – MOST ENTERTAINING PERFORMANCE OF THE NIGHT! I would have to say that. It was a good performance. It was authentic to her, authentic to the genre, authentic to her. And she’s HOT even with the flu. She hit the high notes pretty good. Of note is that she’s not wearing a bra and is totaly backless. HOT!!! I’m surprised that Simon was looking for quirky and not sexy, which she was totally embodying.

GRADE: 1.0 — Vocally, it was a 1.75 but plus .25 for the flu and plus .5 for the performance and she deserves a 1.0. She may not be the best but she is the most entertaining.

Matt Giraud – See Kris Allen. (This also does mean that he ties for 1st with Kris and Anoop.)

GRADE: 1.0

Well, amazing night. The extreme FOUR (Gokey, Lambert, Grace and Rounds) all did subpar performances from their usual. I literally did not give them uno grades for once. And this is the night that others shone brighter than the four. Kris, Anoop, Megan and Matt definitely did greater performances than the four.

Prediction: Since none of the four can be removed… I’m thinking it’s a toss between Sarver and Macintyre. Well, they really are at the bottom of my list currently even before they performed so it doesn’t matter.


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