Posted by: dcmjlive | April 27, 2009

3/19 Alexis Grace Eliminated

Well, my prediction was wrong. I sort of based it on performances but then again, Michael and Scott have their pity votes. I guess Simon was right, a forgettable performance before the Gokey gives you less chances of being remembered, thus eliminated.

One thing to always remember, you may have sung better than another person but if the song is boring, you won’t be voted for. I was just thinking that since there is an idol tour, it would be a liability to have Scott but it didn’t matter. And they didn’t save Alexis because they’d rather save Gokey, Lambert or Lil.

Also, if you look at the statistics of the bottom three…they’re all girls minus Lil. In the real bottom three, Megan was not included but Michael was. Alexis leaving instead of Michael was dreadful.

Oh, I also have a feeling why it was Alexis’ time to go. Firstly, she was the weakest in the Extreme 4. Secondly, because of the leak that the top 4 would include her, they decided to put those rumors to rest.

And I think they’re second-thinking Adam Lambert. He’s becoming someone who wouldn’t fit in the show because of his total insanity and gaiety.

Now next week should be the time Sarver or Macintyre gets off the show…unless they show me they’re worth being there.


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