Posted by: dcmjlive | April 27, 2009

3/27 The Rough Neck Bites The Dust

Their group performance was interesting. So interesting because of a few things: 1. It’s confirmed, they are lipsynching…just look at Scott. 2. They didn’t do it in front of a live audience. 3. Lil Rounds got the spotlight. 4. Matt Giraud, Kris Allen, Scott Macintyre, Allison Iraheta and Megan Joy all had their moments. 5. Adam Lambert had a rocking solo. 6. Danny Gokey didn’t get any song time. Ruben Studdard is still a good singer. Not at all exciting though. I wonder why he won over Clay Aiken. Matt Giraud being in the bottom three is mostly because of a few reasons: 1. He sang first, and people usually miss that one. 2. His recap didn’t do him justice because they used the rehearsal tracks where he did really dismal. (Clarified, he doesn’t lipsync, sorry bout that) But I’m glad he’s safe. Kris Allen is HI-larious because Seacrest keeps on playing with him every week and he had to rant on live television about it. Classic. He looked as if he almost had a heart attack. Seacrest had to tease Lil Rounds for Idol standards going to the bottom 3 because of heatwave and Lil was dead shocked to find out she wasn’t in. Duh, they gave her tons of airtime during the group performance looking as if she was the leader of the pack. Pimping much? Obviously, Sarver was slated for the bottom three. More on him later though. (I want to talk about his elimination later.) Joss Stone and Smokey Robinson is an interesting performance because I couldn’t hear much of what they’re singing. I guess it’s because of the song that they lowered the mic. I think they put down the volume way down too much. And now I understand why they love Adam Lambert so much…Adam’s voice is similar to Smokey…and Cher of course. Figures. And again, I’m right with saying Scott will be in the bottom three. Megan not being in the bottom just proves the power of VFTW! Obviously Matt doesn’t deserve to be there. And they bring back the blind guy. Speaking of blind guys…my favorite blind guy takes the stage…STEVIE WONDER! I hope Scott was more like him. I mean seriously! He was just amazing. To be hearing the masterclass was so heart piercing. It was just the best. He did My Cheri Amor, Superstition and Overjoyed. I was up dancing my shoes off and just enjoyed the splendor that is Stevie. It was fun to see Lil and Kris having so much fun singing along and Adam dancing gayishly by his lonesome. Kara and Paula were up and enjoying themselves too. Stevie Wonder shows what the idols should be like and he really is a TRUE IDOL! Stevie blew every performance of the night out of the building. Well, we knew Michael Sarver was the rough neck to bite the dust and be roasted turkey. But he actually did better tonight. I was up and dancing together with Paula and Kara. The judges weren’t even deliberating. But when he got to the end, he killed the song. He did his spastic and out-of-tune thing he did last night that destroyed him. He just lambasted the song AGAIN. After that, that’s only when they started to deliberate and Simon’s all: “We haven’t even decided” while the girls were all: “He sang better tonight.” But because of the rules, if Simon (or anyone but usually Simon) doesn’t agree to it, then the contestant is out. And Simon self-proclaimed Sarver’s out. Good Riddance. I couldn’t stand him. Now if only they could get rid of the mediocre blind Scott then I’ll be happy.


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