Posted by: dcmjlive | April 27, 2009

3/5 AI8 Semifinals 3 Comments

Well, since I already know who’s in, I decided to blog.

My predictions for round 3: Lil Rounds, Scott Macintyre and Jorge Nunez/Felicia Barton

And it became Jorge not Felicia to be the 9th in.

And it sucks. Now there are 6 boys and 3 girls in the top 12. Does that mean that only girls can win the wildcard or boys will dominate the top 12?

I’m thinking the latter.

Lil Rounds – She’s definitely in the pimped spot. I really didn’t feel her performance at all. But yeah, her chops are the best in the group. But I don’t like how she was too praised for an OK performance. But then again, it was still the best performance of the night.

Scott Macintyre – Despite not really being the BEST singer and not being able to see, he has the heart of gold that vicariously creeps into his music. He had the most soulful performance of the night and like Simon said, he’ll be surprised that he doesn’t get in. But then again, Idol has already rigged the phonelines. Like Cowell stated, democracy isn’t allowed in Idol. Oh well. If that’s the case, we know who’ll win…Danny Gokey.

Jorge Nunez – I don’t get it. They’ve been iterative of the comment that they WANTED a person who has an accent. And they really pushed that they do have one…Jorge. And I don’t think he’s as good as the ones who didn’t get in from the original groups. But hey, he’s special…that’s why he was put in.

Felicia Barton – The girl who I wanted in…she can sing as well as Alicia Keys…is way better than Jorge and could have done really well. It should have been a girl tonight so that the wildcard would consist of a guy and two girls, so it’ll be 50:50 on the boy-girl ratio. But then again, Adam Lambert is gay, so we can count him as a her. HAHAHA. What sucks though is that she’s NOT one of the 8 wildcards, which just means…the judges don’t like her. Jasmine and Jesse should NOT be in the wildcard…it should be her and someone else.

So I’ll voice my prediction on who will be the last entrants in the top 12:

Matt Giraud – He’s just too good not to be in. He’ll be the heavy competition of Kris Allen. They’re both Elliot Yamin-esque and I do hope he’s in. He should NOT do what he did (which obviously was the same wrong thing that Arianna Afsar did las night) and I hope he gets the pimped spot tomorrow.

Anoop Desai – He is quirky, he is smooth, he is interesting. He SHOULD be in. Nothing else needs to be said.

Megan Corkrey – She’s an artist on her own right. She’s current, her voice is astounding and I love the dance move she does. She should be a shoe-in.

The Current People In and my rating for them (out of 10):

Danny Gokey – 9.5
Michael Sarver – 3
Kris Allen – 8
Scott Macintyre – 8
Jorge Nunez – 2

Alexis Grace – 8
Allison Iraheta – 9.5
Adam Lambert – 9.5
Lil Rounds – 9.5

So that’s it. My top 3 would be a battle against Lil, Danny and Adam. But I might change my mind when they progress.


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