Posted by: dcmjlive | April 27, 2009

3/6 AI8 Top 13 Comments

Just to be objective, I will arrange this in alphabetical order.

Adam Lambert – His chops are amazing. He reminds me of Freddie Mercury when he sings. His range is something I would really love to have. But the fact that he looks like a gothic, more manly version of Joe Jonas while still staying homosexual is something I have to consider. Well, the weirder the person, the more interesting.

so I’ll be giving them a grade based on their past performances (in UP grading system): 1.25 — Vocals are astounding but there’s still something that turns me off about him.

Alexis Grace – Suddenly, she is becoming forgettable. She lacks personality except for that rocker mom vibe. But she has amazing vocals and would really do well in the finals. And hey, the girls need to step up against the guys who I think have a higher standing.

Grade: 1.75 — Forgettable but great chops nonetheless.

Allison Iraheta – Now this girl’s got spunk and better vocals than Carly Smithson at a very young age. She really does have pure natural talent! Her version of Alone was killer.

Grade: 1.25 — Still needs a bit more work. I don’t like the red hair. But her chops will be amazing, give it a year and it’ll shine even brighter.

Anoop Desai – He’s a very likeable guy…too likeable in fact that all the people I ask say that Noop Dawg is their favorite. And I could see why. He has a decent voice with a smooth vibe to it. He also has a great personality that he effectively injects to every song. He’s got the it factor.

Grade: 1.0 — His personality skyrocketed his score from a 1.5 to a 1.0. It’ll be a breath of fresh air to have him.

Danny Gokey – He was the first person I really liked in the competition. His voice has a good raspiness to it. And the fact that he can take songs like Hero and give it a current spin makes him a shoe-in for that title. He really can make records now and I might even buy his album in the future. But he’s just too pimped for his own good. They should focus on Lil Rounds more.

Grade: 1.0 — He’s ready to make it big. It doesn’t matter that he has to go through 11 weeks of Idol.

Jasmine Murray – WTF!!! Why the heck did she get into the finals. Her dismal version of Reflection mocks our very own Lea Salonga’s. Sure, I liked her in the auditions but she began to falter in my mind come Top 36. Better Tatiana than her, despite her being annoying. Jasmine is just bland. She’s a Rihanna wannabe who just decided to show she has a sub-par big voice now. She needs to kick it up if she’ll get my attention.

Grade: 5.0 — Fail, she shouldn’t be in there. That slot should be Tatiana’s or Felicia’s.

Jorge Nunez – Another one I don’t like. His voice is pretty decent. He does have character. But honestly, I don’t like his accent one bit. I don’t like how he delivers songs. Why can’t he fix his accent to be somewhat like Enrique Iglesias? Maybe he’ll grow on me but I won’t count on it.

Grade: 4.0 — Not a complete fail but his slot should be filled with Tatiana or Felicia. NOT HIM!

Kris Allen – The guy is amazing! I just realized a while back that Man in the Mirror is really a hard song to change up. It has that unique tone to it and it being a Michael Jackson song has too much uniqueness to it. But he delivered the song justice and spun it up to be great. He also has a very refined falsetto that I love! He is also a teeny-bopper vote getter but that doesn’t bother me.

Grade: 1.0 — Personal bias. He should get 1.5 but I have a paricular liking to soul music and he truly has some soul. And hey, mixing up a song to suit your voice is a task that is worthy of this grade.

Lil Rounds – She really is Fantasia + Mary J. Blige combined. I don’t feel her though and needs more soul. Her swagger though is a great asset and not to mention a power voice. But back to soul, she can’t catch my heart if she can’t touch the soul.

Grade: 1.25 — Great chops, not enough soul. This may change though.

Matt Giraud – Is this Elliott Yamin all over again? Well, to think about it, we don’t need another Elliott. Elliott is amazing and compared to Matt, Elliott is in a higher grade. But this dude has soul. More soul than Lil Rounds. Unlike Elliott though, his rendition of I Don’t Wanna Be is much more suited to him than Elliott. He does have the ability to change SOME songs from rock to soul but not all. Viva La Vida was and will always be a bad choice for him.

Grade: 1.5 — Like Kris Allen, he has soul. But he has to learn to pick better songs and mix it up like Kris does. But I like his voice no doubt.

Megan Corkrey – This girl is HOT! Put her records on and she’ll sell. Like Simon says, Megan is current. She has a very quirky (corkrey) vibe to her and I love how her voice is so commercial. I would really like to see her do great!

Grade: 1.0 — Like Danny, she has the sellable value and she shouldn’t be enduring 11 weeks of Idol just to be given a record deal.

Michael Sarver – A man that has dedication like Michael Sarver is a good man. However, I shouldn’t say that Ad Misericordiam is all that he has. He does have a decent voice. But it’s not THAT good. He also lacks an INTERESTING personality. He reminds me of Taylor Hicks (and I hate Taylor) with all his spastic movements but to a lesser degree. His version of I Don’t Wanna Be is much lower than Elliott’s, Bo Bice’s, Daughtry’s and Matt Giraud’s. He should stick to love songs.

Grade: 2.75 — Good guy. Now that I realize it, he reminds me of a guy from Season 3…Matt Rogers… but like Rogers, still lacks the commercial value.

Scott Macintyre – A Stevie Wonder in the sense that he plays the piano and sings well despite his disability. He is an inspiration to a lot of disabled people and I’m proud of him. He doesn’t have soul per se but he has heart. His heart, his emotions, his being is pushed throughout his song. I actually liked his version of Mandelin Ray (did I spell it right? hahaha)

Grade: 1.75 — Decent voice but the fact that he’s an inspiration to us all to follow our dreams and be the best we can be makes him a good choice. He is an idol already, maybe not a singing one yet but an idol nonetheless.

I wonder if you have the same sentiments. This Top 13 seems to be interesting. I predict though that the top 3 will still be Adam, Lil and Danny. But let’s just see.


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