Posted by: dcmjlive | April 27, 2009


Woohoo for replays. And I reach the baby photos. Paula looks exactly the same. HAHAHA. Simon was handsome as a kid. And…Ryan looks really funny as a kid. HAHAHA.

Ooh…Danny started as a blonde. What was with the weird face in the AVP? Like I said, the song is a nice rendition…but Danny looks goofier now more than ever. And that was pretty much a simple rendition. Ooh…I thought he’ll just stay stationary…then he moved a bit. Must be tiring just singing in one spot. But that was very simple. I love the vocals though. I don’t get why the judges didn’t like the arrangement though. What’s with the Simon equation though…didn’t make any sense… So since I haven’t graded based on performance on stage, I will grade it AGAIN:

GRADE: 1.25 — Love the arrangement, hate the delivery. The arrangement was awkward in a sense that it’s pretty hard to deliver on a stage. Obviously, Danny didn’t give his arrangement stage justice.

Why did they have a day-off in the carnival? It’s funny to know they wanted to find Adam and not Kris. Woohoo for Kris wanting to be a taxi driver. And Kris does the Matt Giraud stage part with the guitar. I actually like the performance. Hey…I liked it…better than I expected. HUH KARA!?!?!? I don’t think it sounded old. “Indulgent Boring Forgettable” is just so wrong. With what Randy said, I guess it must be because of the stage set-up. I read about the band being really louder than the performer. But still, I think it was actually awesome.

GRADE: 1.25 — OK…there was something awkward about it. But it was still awesome.

So they focused on Lil’s name. Weird. At least we got to know the history. I always wondered why that’s her name. Uhm…her performance is awkward to watch because of her biker outfit as compared to the song. But she kills with her vocals. It’s just awkward to watch. Maybe she should have worn a longer wig so she’d look more beautiful. And yeah, honestly, it was karaoke like I said and turns out Paula and Simon said it too.

GRADE: 1.75 — Lil really needs to find herself as an artist.

Hmm…Anoop looks really different as a baby. Anoop does the standard chair performance that Kris had done previously. Too bad it doesn’t work that well for him. But I like the song choice. It then became a Danny Gokey performance with the standing up and awkward dancing. Love the last note though. OK so it was a nice vocal…hahaha. Anoop really is a yo-yo like Simon said.

GRADE: 1.5 — Getting too predictable.

Trains…then Horror. OK Scott, you really are showing you don’t want to seem blind. What’s with holding a guitar and not looking good while strumming it. Nice vocal…but honestly it’s still boring. Kara is also right with not being able to hit all the notes that well. Punk side…hahaha. Better than just a piano like every week but it didn’t fit the song.

GRADE: 2.0 — He can’t command the stage as I would want him to. Oh well, he’s gone now.

Allison as a baby is look a like. I like the singing clip…she was more beautiful then. She should have brown hair again. I only noticed it now that the ballad does have some rock edge. Just weird though to have that rock edge. But that was just awesome. Tenderness and artistry was definitely present.

GRADE: 1.0 — Just brilliant. Awkward dress though…hahaha

Woah…Matt had wavy hair…not curly hair. LOL at the small clip. I love the hat, not the jacket. I remember when Nikko Smith sung it…that was soulful. But this is just bluesy, jazzy and soulful. I love his rendition. I love his artistry. I love the scatting at the end. Refreshing. Love the judges with their short comments!!! HAHAHAHA.

GRADE: 1.0 — Total package!

And of course, the pimp spot goes to ADAM! WOOHOO Adam as a blondy and he loved dress up…so girly. HAHAHA. He should have sticked to blonde though. Woah…what an effect with the blue, really fits the song. He loses the clean Elvis look but the song is pretty clean. It wasn’t indulgent. It was just simple. It was just great.

GRADE: 1.0 — Just cool!

YEY! I finally watched it! HAHAHA.


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