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4/15 Top 7 Super CHEESY Movie Night Theme

And I actually mean it that it’s become SUPER CHEESY with an extra side of bacon. It seems everyone BUT Adam chose a mellow song. It would have been ok if it was a balance between mellow and upbeat but 6 out of 7 mellow drains the life out. It becomes underwhelming after. I’m guessing because Adam had such a beautiful review with Madworld, they’re all trying that road. Save I guess for Kris who follows his pattern of upbeat-tender.

Anyway, for the reviews:

Allison Iraheta – Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing

When will people stop singing Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing in American Idol. I mean, it’s become an AI standard song. Not that it’s bad but it gets boring. Well for Allison, she had a good vocal. Nothing special really. I thought that the register (or key) of the song was too low for her standards that at times, she started eating up her words. I do have big props for her in having that distinct Allison mark on her song. And I still do like her because of her single “Take it or Leave it.” I don’t get it though. Allison has given BETTER performances in the past and yet she wasn’t recognized by Simon. But this week when she’s nothing that special, Simon says that she’s the hope of the girls. He’s obviously turning away from Lil Rounds.

GRADE: 1.75 — Nothing special really. It would have been perfect if delivered in a higher register.

Anoop Desai – Everything I Do (I Do it For You)

Like I said, it’s extra cheese night. It’s very fit that Greenwich has this commercial. Anyway, if I were to comment on Anoop’s performance, I would have to say it’s his best thus far. BUT, I mean, is this all he can do. Will he just stick to bore and drool songs because it’s just tiring already. We know he can sing, when will he start to WOW us. I mean, he hasn’t made any provisions to just give us a drop dead performance.

GRADE: 1.5 — Excellent vocal, no pitch problems as I’ve heard. Just boring…I almost switched the channel.

Adam Lambert – Born to Be Wild

If I said Kris has a pattern, it turns out this guy has made a pattern too. I mean, the two really must be sharing ideas. Kris and Adam are just the most current, most creative and most talented ones in the competition and they’re roommates. I just hope Kris doesn’t become gay because of Adam. His pattern concerns controlled then crazy cycle. This week, he follows up Madworld with a over-the-top perfromance. Adam’s vocal itself pales to comparison with his rendition of Madworld. When I listened to the track, it was sort of hard to listen to individually. But the performance was just a showstopper. Each inflection actually fit the performance. I also have to give it to Ricky Minor and the band for delivering such a great instrumental performance. It really was wild and just AWESOME!

GRADE: 1.0 — The vocal not being that good compared to past performances is OVERCOMPENSATED by the performance.

Matt Giraud – Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman

Speaking of patterns, Matt has developed one too. Albeit unintentionally, he has given good then bad then good then bad performances. And this performance was just ultimate FAIL. This started since Motown week. He’s just a rollercoaster that I don’t want to say he’s a frontrunner. After Part-time lover, this song just SUCKED. Quintin is right in one thing, he should have enunciated the sound. He was trying too hard in making the song R&B that he lost the core melody of the song. Remember when I said that Matt’s waterloo is alternative rock? He does it again and chooses a song he likes and what he likes is rock. If the music he produces is just rock, then he can’t survive in the business. He’s just dismal when it comes to the rock into soul business. He should stick to soul and make it his own like what he did to Part-time Lover or Let’s Get it on. But what made it just suck was the dismal awfully pitchy bridge where he just murdered the song. If I were to base it on this performance, he should leave.

GRADE: 5.0 — Didn’t I say that this song is fail?

Danny Gokey – Endless Love

Danny is one of the ultimate cheeseballs. He buys a guitar for what, so he won’t use it in the competition. If he were smart, he’d use it at least once to prove that he can be better than Kris Allen or Matt Giraud. I’m glad he lost the ugly betty glasses. It makes him look more human. He was actually pitchy, not to the extent of Matt but still pitchy. It just proves to me that Danny is NOT ALL THAT. And he goes with the traditional route and I’m kinda agreeing with Simon that after David Cook, songs too traditional don’t sound current. And if you didn’t notice, it seemed that Danny was hard up with his breathing technique for the song. Was it because of his wife or was it because he isn’t as good as a singer the judges make him to be. He still has his glory notes though.

GRADE: 1.75 — I want to give him a 2.0 but that would be unfair because he was just as good as Allison.

Kris Allen – Falling Slowly

Honestly, this is the performance of the night vocally. He outsang Adam this time around. But there is a flaw I must consider that is actually out of his control. The flaw is that everyone picked a dreary song to sing. Given Kris’s pattern, he slated himself for something heartfelt but ended up becoming boring. Had everyone picked up-tempo songs and he the only one with a tender song, he could have made the same impression as Adam in Madworld. It’s because of Adam I think that everyone wanted to reach for their tender side. This song actually is an Oscar winner. When I heard it, I was like, woah it’s boring. And after dreary Danny, unnerving Matt, boring Anoop and redundant Allison, this song is a lullaby. But taking a second and third listen, it was just LOVE. It was just really wrong timing, which made his performances fall slowly from his peak song: Ain’t No Sunshine. Speaking of Kris, listen to his singles! They’re just really good.

GRADE: 1.0 — He was supposed to get a 1.0 but the timing of it all just made him boring. Too bad because he actually proved he is current as he’s the only one to pick a song FROM THIS DECADE! EDIT: I do give him the 1.0. It’s not his fault that the timing was bad and stupid Randy and idiot Kara gave him a bad review.

Lil Rounds – The Rose

I think after the bottom three spot (and the making her the VFTW pick), she desperately needed to save herself and I guess the idol producers were a bit kind to give her the pimp spot. And actually, this time, I love the swagger of Lil. Because she finally chose to do a little of things that she’s more inclined to, she did a good gospel-like rendition. It was actually cinematic and finally showed the true Lil Rounds. However, it wasn’t stand-out. She should’ve figured that she should’ve been doing this for a long time to build on the fact that she has artistry and when she’s built up a fanbase, made stops to become a showstopper. So I can’t blame Simon that said Lil is not what she was 7 to 8 weeks ago. I agree totally. Lil was just really good in both auditions and hollywood week. The top 36 dates her last good performance until this one. However, it’s just a little too late.

GRADE: 1.25 — Lil Rounds best performance since “Be Without You”

So here’s my tally of grades:

Performer Top 13 Top 11 Top 10 Top 9 Top 8 Top 7 Average
Kris Allen 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.25 1.00 1.04
Adam Lambert 1.00 2.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.17
Danny Gokey 1.00 2.00 1.25 1.00 1.50 1.75 1.42
Allison Iraheta 1.25 1.50 1.00 3.00 1.00 1.75 1.58
Matt Giraud 1.00 1.00 1.00 2.00 1.00 5.00 1.83
Lil Rounds 1.00 5.00 2.50 2.00 1.50 1.25 2.21
Anoop Desai 2.50 1.00 2.00 5.00 2.00 1.50 2.33

Well, the bottom three for me as a whole is Matt, Lil and Anoop. As to who should go this week, I would have to say Matt. I’m getting tired of what he likes and he should do what the people like. The customer is always right.

Something to note, the only ones here who have never been in the bottom three are Danny, Adam and Kris. Does this show who the top three will be?

Anyway, here’s where I think they stand:

#1 Frontrunner – Adam Lambert
Fading Frontrunners: Danny Gokey, Lil Rounds and Matt Giraud
Darkhorse turned Frontrunner – Allison Iraheta
Darkhorse – Kris Allen
Black Sheep – Anoop Desai

Bottom three for the week according to my grades: Matt, Allison, Danny
Bottom three because of other factors: Matt, Kris, Anoop or Lil

I do hope Kris doesn’t go. If he does become the bottom vote getter, he SHOULD be saved!

EDIT: Sorry…I realized I can’t predict who’s going home! It’s just too much of a tight match. Also, did you notice that Paula was cheering Kris on when he was at his glory note and that when the song ended, she almost gave him a standing ovation. How I wish Simon and Paula gave him the critique and not stupid Randy Jackson and weakhearted Kara DioGuardi.

Speaking of the two judges system in pairs. I wish that if they wanted just a two judge system, they’d just keep Paula and Simon. Randy is dumb as hell and Kara is not delivering what she should be delivering as an industry insider.


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