Posted by: dcmjlive | April 27, 2009

4/16 The Comment, The Save, The Results

Well, I usually get the results at this time instead of waiting for the show so if you want to read but not be spoiled, do not read in the spoilers section. Thanks for your cooperation.

To start, given the attempt to make the show shorter via judging in twos…which they according to American sources…failed on doing, the most influential judge, Simon Cowell, wasn’t able to comment on Anoop, Matt and Kris. For Anoop, Simon voiced out that Anoop was right to be in the Bottom Three. For Matt, Simon was making faces while Kara was doing the critique last night. He was probably gesturing that Matt wasn’t as good as what Kara is portraying but the complete opposite that it was a complete and utter mess.

Lastly, I really said that Simon should’ve comment on Kris Allen and on the results show, he decided to give his review by saying that he wasn’t able to comment on Kris and that Kris’s performance was BRILLIANT!!! I mean, yeah, when I first heard the song, I was saying too boring. But when I researched the song on youtube and watched the clip from once, I was drawn aback. This really is a nice song. And when I heard Kris sing it on the stage, I just had goosebumps. My mom who sometimes watches with me said that Kris was really good and that Lil wasn’t. I guess moms do know best. She even commented that “bakla siya (Adam) noh?” I love moms, they really know what’s best.


The bottom three consists of one who really failed the night because he picked the personal taboo of rock, one who failed in choosing songs during the finals round and one who had major bumps in up-tempo songs and got too boring trying to prove himself in ballads. Right to say, these three deserved their spot in the bottom three. Wrong-song-choices was there not only because Simon’s comment but also because people still have high expectations of her and those expectations are never met. Even if her last performance was her best, it pales in comparison to the best of others with her except for Wrecked-Up-Tempo-Boring-Ballads. Wrecked-Up-Tempo-Boring-Ballads is also getting boring because he’s now forcing himself to take the safe route and just do ballads. It has put him off as just BORING! The guy needs to learn to push it harder and deliver a showstopper. Fail-Rock-to-Soul-Converter failed not only because he put an alternative rock song into soul, which he should not have been doing because his past attempts have failed but also because his vocals were just going off in all places. The bridge was just excruciating and that’s supposed to be the power part of the song.

So needless to say, these three deserved the bottom three. And when it came down to it, Wrecked-Up-Tempo-Boring Ballads was safe leaving the two. Between the two, it was Fail-Rock-to-Soul-Converter that garnered the lowest votes.

But the surprise there was not him getting the lowest votes but the fact that he was NOT eliminated. Yes, they used up the JUDGES’ SAVE!!! OMG OMG OMG

That just means, the top 7 WILL perform on disco night and that TWO will be eliminated next week. Predictions time:

Adam Lambert – His pattern is totally destroyed because of Disco week. Unless he could find some sort of Disco Ballad or something he could convert into a ballad, I expect an over-the-top performance with him that will put us of our feet and make us dance! Nevertheless, I have high hopes for this guy. But then again, not all disco is up-tempo.

Allison Iraheta – I don’t know what the rocker will do to “sauce” up a disco song. Whatever it is, I hope she succeeds because the stakes are now higher due to the double elimination. GO ALLISON!!!

Anoop Desai – Now that he’ll be forced to do up-tempo and not a stupid ballad, I’m seeing Anoop’s demise. Unless he can deliver a My Prerogative-like performance, we can say GOODBYE to this Jai Ho personaility. If he picks up-tempo that is. If he does pick a slower disco song, he should not pass off as boring or else we’ll see him goodbye.

Danny Gokey – I don’t want to watch him because you will expect to watch his awkward bump and grind moves. Danny will be excruciating to watch. If he does dance, I will turn my back and just listen to him.

Kris Allen – I’m expecting big things for him as he will definitely rock the house next week! I mean, he’s slated for an up-tempo song and this week’s the PERFECT week to do an up-tempo song. And as a person, I want to see if he’ll bring out his guitar this week or not. Either way, he and Adam are my top picks that should never disappoint.

Lil Rounds – The type of music should be perfect for her race so if she screws this up again, we’ll say goodbye to miss big badonkadonk.

Matt Giraud – It’s a perfect time for him to inject some soul because rock was never disco. I’m predicting that Matt will deliver a great performance this week…as long as he doesn’t dance. He should do something in the likes of Part-time lover because that’s where he’ll excel.

So I’m predicting that Anoop will be the ones to leave. The second would probably be Lil Rounds. I don’t see Matt, Kris or Adam to be the ones to leave. However, Allison is put in troubled waters.

Oh btw, Kris, Adam and Danny haven’t been in the bottom three yet. Does this mean that they will be our top three. I hope the first two do. I can’t stand Danny Jay anymore.


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