Posted by: dcmjlive | April 27, 2009

4/2 The Robin Has Flown The Coop

I loved the start of the show, it was so dramatic. Fast forward, I go to who Simon thinks will be the bottom three. Notice however that all three are the remaining wildcards Desai, Giraud and Joy. I also love how Megan smiles and waves like a dazed lunatic when Simon said her name.

Then they went with the group performance. The worst lipsyncers are Allison Iraheta and Scott Macintyre. And guess what, Glambert’s back with his hair-do and black nail polish. HAHAHAHA.

LOL @ Kris Allen on the sexy face. If I know, he enjoyed it. I love how Adam did the rockstar shoot. Matt just dances weird. Matt also did a good job on the Danny impersonation. How the heck does Scott know it’s a quadruple chocolate cake? LOL @ Danny’s impersonation as well…because it sucked. I love the monkey face Anoop did of Kris…although his singing sucked. LOL @ Iraheta doing Danny as well. I love her impersonation of PYT. But the best still went to Matt.

Ryan then starts with his cliché “group into three groups on top 9 results show” but there’s a twist. My bottom three is spread out to the three groups. If I know better, the bottom three will come from each of the three groups. (And I do know better. HAHAHA)

David Cook performs with his new song with a weird looking suit. He does sing really good like a seasoned professional already. Too bad his songs don’t show his repertoire anymore. 19 entertainment didn’t give his voice justice. And wait…are Ryan and Cook wearing the same thing!?!?!?! Nice platinum plaque though. Lucky person who really deserved the win. I’m glad that he won AI because he really deserved it.

Kris being saved first says that he was one of the best of the night. Matt is now safe as well but he thought he was supposed to take a seat at the uncomfy chair. I love the Megan faces tonight. “I love you Simon but I don’t really care.” LOL at the caw caw bird sounds to the bottom three seats. HAHAHA. Hmm…now do you know who got eliminated? Of course Lil is safe. LOL @ Allison also doing a smaller bird impersonation of Megan. Glambertini is obviouly safe as well. The top three are Danny, Adam and Kris obviously in no particularly order so Danny is also safe. Scott for me was top4 of the night, so Scott is safe. Anoop goes to the bottom three. LOL again at Megan lunatically smiling and waving. I love this results show! Too much comedy!

Now to top of the awesomeness of the night is Lady Ga Ga and Poker Face. Now I really wish someone sung this song last night. Megan or Adam would have done the song justice. Megan in particular of course. They both have similar voices. LOL @ the new version of Lady Ga Ga of course with the violin. I want to download this version. WOO HOT DRESS! Performance of the night! LOL @ Kara and Paula acting all ga ga over Lady Ga Ga. Love the focus on the face at the end. HAHAHA. And Megan claps like a lunatic! Then Ryan asks if any of them would be saved and with a poker face, Simon says, ONE. And we all know that would be Allison because both Anoop and Megan did dismal performances.

So of course, Ryan puts Allison back on the couch. Megan is still all smiles. “It’s OK!” Notice how only one booed and everyone cheered. I love it how Simon said: “Nor do we, so we won’t contemplate in saving you.” Look at Paula and Kara enjoying Megan’s last song, as much as Megan. Megan’s grade from me tonight…1.0!!! And did I mention that her dress is hideous! I was touched when she said: “And baby, I’m coming home.” But then Megan cries at the AVP. She is a cute mother though. Aww…I’ll miss her just as much as she will miss the contestants. Great show!


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