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4/2 Where The Idols Stand

I won’t be including the one that just left so I’ll give a brief then extensive analysis of where the remaining idols stand at this point of the competition.

Front Runners from the Start: Adam Lambert, Danny Gokey, Lil Rounds
Front Runner as of Now: Matt Giraud
Dark Horse of the competition: Kris Allen
Bottom Three: Allison Iraheta, Anoop Desai, Scott Macintyre

Adam Lambert

This guy’s repertoire is amazing. He has the chops for any song in any genre. He can definitely sing the phone book. He’s always original and is nearing the likes of David Cook. Interesting to note, both David Cook and Adam Lambert came from musical theater. Adam’s strength is in his 6-octave range. This was obvious from his Top 36 performance alone, Satisfaction.

What he must avoid: Being too gay. A little gayness from him is alright but too much of it is a turn-off. Remember “Ring of Fire”? That was just hideous, despite the awesome vocals.

Best Performance to Date: Tracks of My Tears (ballad), Black or White (up-tempo)

Danny Gokey

Before talking about his singing, we do have to comment on the man’s struggles. First losing his wife, then his bestfriend in the competition, then his grandfather. It gives him loads of sympathy. That being said, he actually doesn’t need the sympathy. He has gained a fanbase already and he can be supported without the whole death scenario. His raspy voice actually is a good asset for him because it turns songs into something new without much effort. Also, he has the raw emotion for every song and definitely knows how to market his voice. Lastly, Danny is becoming boring. He really needs to do something for me to say Wow again. Last performance almost got me to like him again.

What he must avoid: Not knowing the song. He was hurt the most with Jesus Take The Wheel. He had known the song for just that week and wasn’t comfortable with the song’s verses. He can sure bring down the house at the good parts but he really is still weak when it comes to verses.

Best Performance to Date: What Hurts the Most (ballad), PYT (up-tempo)

Lil Rounds

This girl has one of the best chops in the whole running of Idol. Her voice has so much power and natural talent that she should be able to sing any song. Her problems so far? One, she hasn’t picked a song that could showcase her voice to the most of her range. Two, she lacks soul. A voice without a soul, when it comes to any genre, not just R&B pales in comparison to other past idols. So basically, she IS a frontrunner but has been weak so far.

What she must avoid: Giving tribute to the genre. She sucked with trying to be a country wannabe. She didn’t give her voice justice by being too Motown-ish. She still needs to showcase her voice. If she does want to continue with her song choices, she needs more control and contemplation of the song.

Best Performance to Date: Be Without You

Matt Giraud

He has a solid soulful voice. Being a dueling pianist, he does have the advantage of singing loads of soulful songs that has helped him become a bluesy person. Another great thing about him is that he can do tasteful riffs and falsetto that people rarely have. It just sounds so melodic and so effortless. However, his last performance was a dud.

What he must avoid: He should actually avoid his favorite genre…alternative rock. He doesn’t have the edge of an alternative rocker. He’s tried Coldplay and The Fray (rhymes…hahaha) and they both didn’t do him justice. Trying to put soul in rock without nailing it is dismal and that’s what Matt has done so far. Putting soul into something that doesn’t need much soul. If he wants to stay as a frontrunner, he must stick to R&B. Seriously.

Best Performance to Date: Let’s Get It On and So Small (Although the former brought him to the bottom three for some weird reason.)

Kris Allen

I mean it when I say that Kris Allen is the dark horse of the competition. He has that much potential to overrun ALL of the frontrunners. Kris did a bit better than Adam and Danny and definitely outsang Lil and Matt. He has been impoving since the genius of Man in the Mirror. He really has that unexplainable X factor, artistry, tenderness and soulfulness that could propel him further into the competition. He knows how to make old songs current and he reminds me of Elliott Yamin combined with Jason Mraz. He may not have the best vocal range but he knows how to work his gift. Also, his feel-good then ballad cycle patter is working for him.

What he must avoid: Hmm…I actually don’t know. He has been doing consistently improving performances. The guy is a genius in song selection. He knows how to adjust his dynamics well to each song. He has the vibe that keeps on going strong. What can I say, he’s great.

Best Performance to Date: Ain’t No Sunshine (ballad), How Sweet It Is (up-tempo) — like I said, he has consistently improving performances.

Allison Iraheta

With a voice so strong at an age so young, she truly has raw natural talent. She can belt out the best of rock songs with some justice into it. She’s the youngest but she is more seasoned than other older singers. She knows how to work the stage and just have some fun. Her weakness however lies in the fact that there aren’t much girl-rocker-fans who watch American Idol. If she could pull of Carrie Underwood, she can BECOME a front runner. But with Danny, Adam, Lil, Kris and Matt being at the front, she’s almost stuck to a fate of being in the bottom three like what happened again this week.

What she must avoid: Songs without that much rock power. Don’t Speak was definitely weak because it didn’t have that much power. Allison I admit doesn’t have that much sorrow to sing Don’t Speak and that’s why she fell out. While she’s still young, she should try to discover that emotion aside from her gift and just belt out every week without being too boring.

Best Performance to Date: Alone and Papa Was A Rolling Stone

Anoop Desai

He was actually really good from auditions to the top 36. When he got to the top 13, he started losing his game and really just failing to comparison with the others. He has good range actually as seen by his more mellow performances. He is also every geek’s idol. He has soul but he also has a rocker edge that he may not have noticed yet. He needs to really up his game if he wants to stay.

What he must avoid: Upbeat songs. Beat It and Caught Up both sucked. They were stinking trash heaps of songs that he has picked. He doesn’t have the dance vibe for him and that’s why he must avoid it all costs or he’ll stink like hell. He must also avoid really BORING songs. He can once in a while show his range but as long as he picks a song that doesn’t bore us to death or act as a wannabe artist.

What he should try: Rock songs. I bet he has some swagger to take on a good rock song. His version of My Prerogative has some good rock edge to it.

Best Performances to Date: Angel of Mine (ballad), My Prerogative (up-tempo)

Scott Macintyre

I’m honestly tired of him. He keeps on picking Jesus/Inspirational songs. It worked for a while but it really has become boring. When he decided to pick You Can’t Hurry Love (up-tempo), it looked awfully awkward. The song he sung last night is what he should really be singing. Suiting for his voice but not repetitive.

What he must avoid: Repetitiveness. He can sing inspirational songs but not every week. Up-tempo songs. He should not attempt to do up-tempo unless he can do it the way Stevie handles it. Maybe he should wear sunglasses and have his dentures fixed, that way he’ll actually look good doing these songs. No offense though, I want this guy gone!

Best Performance to Date: Mandolin Rain, Just the Way You Are

And that’s it. I would really like to see Kris win it though. He’s my favorite just because he’s a genius. I would definitely buy his records.


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