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4/20 What Not to Standings

I’ve been into looking at how professionals rank performances. comprehensively does their performance research from reviews and critiques that are to their judgment with wise judgment and little bias in regards to score system. They do not however get the rankings of their own staff. These scores taken from the sites are tallied, normalized and presented as rankings over 100. Read more about it here: So far, here’s how the idols stand based on their performances on an average.

7. Lil Rounds – 44.9
6. Matt Giraud – 53.8
5. Anoop Desai – 55.3
4. Danny Gokey – 56.7
3. Kris Allen – 65.9
2. Allison Iraheta – 71.1
1. Adam Lambert – 73

The gap between Adam and Allison is pretty small. The gap between Kris, the top 2 and the rest, is pretty far. So putting this into mind, the most likely top 3 based on the site is composed of Kris, Allison and Adam, with a face-off between Adam and Allison.

Here’s a more in-depth version of the rankings by singer (arrows indicate my comments, so you can skip them if you please.):

Adam Lambert
I Can’t Get No Satisfaction – 65
Black or White – 81
Ring of Fire – 51
Tracks of My Tears – 85
Play That Funky Music – 69
Mad World – 92
Born to Be Wild – 68

–> Seems to me that lately, people are enjoying Adam singing ballads than his crazy up-tempo songs. Best song is obviously Mad World. Even I would say so too. However, Adam has the best vocals, best song choices (except when he goes over the top like in Ring of Fire) and best attitude. He truly is an American Idol.

Allison Iraheta
Alone – 82
Give In To Me – 82
Blame It On Your Heart – 69
Papa Was A Rolling Stone – 80
Don’t Speak – 55
I Can’t Make You Love Me – 83
I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing – 47

–> I agree that the best performance of Allison is truly I Can’t Make You Love Me because it showed something new to her. Alone and Give In To Me are equally good as well because these two songs made her from a nobody to a someone to beat in this competition.

Kris Allen
Man In The Mirror – 63
Remember The Time – 56
To Make You Feel My love – 76
How Sweet It Is – 68
Ain’t No Sunshine – 85
All She Wants To Do Is Dance – 49
Falling Slowly – 64

–> His best performance so far truly is Ain’t No Sunshine because that’s when he had the most raving reviews. Not to mention, he did have the pimp spot at the moment. His performances are pretty consistent…somewhat except his worse is really All She Wants To Do Is Dance. Falling Slowly should be higher but because of the fact that Randy gave it bad reviews, which was dumb for his part and that Kara called it obscure, it got mixed reviews. It really was a saving grace to have Simon say that was brilliant. Kris Allen is really at his best though when he does ballads. It has a tender touch to it.

Danny Gokey
Hero – 79
PYT – 72
Jesus, Take The Wheel – 58
Get Ready – 54
What Hurts The Most – 55
Stand By Me – 44
Endless Love – 35

–> Danny Gokey started strong to be truthful. He was my favorite at the auditions stage. My favoritism for Danny continued at Hollywood Week. Hero and PYT really made me like Danny as a singer. But from Jesus Take the Wheel, he really downward spiraled. His performances became more and more conceited, overindulgent, self-preserving and irritating. His vocals went from raspy good to mediocre. Kris Allen has truly outsung Gokey now, hence Kris’s my favorite. The reason why I think people hate his performances more starting What Hurts The Most is because there are undertones of him saying “Pity me, I lost my wife, I lost my grandpa.” And yes, he didn’t mention it since PYT but he still uses it. That’s what I hate about Gokey other than showing his mediocre voice, it’s his desparation to USE his dead wife to win in the competition. However, the last three performances were really with raw emotion, thus making me give him good reviews. I’m more forgiving in a way like that.

Anoop Desai
Angel of Mine – 59
My Prerogative – 61
Beat It – 25
Always On My Mind – 84
Ooh Baby Baby – 59
Caught Up – 28
True Colors – 61
Everything I Do – 65

–> He really has a weakness with his up-tempo songs as they both got lower than 30. Also, most of his ballads scored 60 more or less, with Always on My Mind being the exception since this was after a dismal Beat It. I still think though that Caught Up is the worst song of Anoop…but then again, Beat It is so forgettable. What he needs is a song that can be a showstopper. He comes off as boring and that’s why he can’t build a solid fan base. Unlike Kris, Anoop doesn’t have the it factor when singing ballads thus passing off as a snooze fest.

Matt Giraud
Viva La Vida – 21
Who’s Loving You – 71
Human Nature – 62
So Small – 84
Let’s Get It On – 73
You Found Me – 38
Part Time Lover – 56
Have You Ever Loved A Woman – 25

–> Matt like I said has a rollercoaster of good and bad. Whenever he chooses alternative-rock, he does dismally as seen in You Found Me and Have You Ever Loved A Woman. Before these, his worst performance was Viva La Vida and if he continued his great performances like my favorite and the highest rating So Small, he could have been a true frontrunner. It is obvious that when he did the higher scoring songs, he was JUST doing it to please the judges and when he chooses what he likes, he does really bad. If he can find it in himself to choose songs that we would like and truly love that part, he would do well. But if he forces himself to what he likes because he would feel better, only he will and he won’t sell. Matt needs to embrace that he does best when he does takes on songs that are high on emotion but not far to soul or r&b.

Lil Rounds
Be Without You – 82
The Way You Make Me Feel – 74
Independence Day – 37
Heat Wave – 42
I Surrender – 36
What’s Love Got to Do With It – 26
The Rose – 17

–> When Lil set on to AI, she was high with potential. She had a big old powerful voice with a big range. She was soulful and bluesy like a Mary J. Blige. But after two good performances, she tried to respect country, be too motownish, utilize her big voice and overemphasized her soul. All of this led to making this one big potential flop. Simon was right when he said that this isn’t the Lil we met a few weeks ago. Disco week might be a saving grace to her but then again, if she flopped in motown, how will she do well in disco?


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