Posted by: dcmjlive | April 27, 2009

4/22 The Good Soul of Kris Allen

Here’s a story I got from the Kris Allenation Fan Site. It’s pretty moving and shows how good of a person Kris Allen is.

We heard a story about Kris that we felt we just had to share. As some of you may know, Kris has been on mission trips across the world to Spain, Morocco, South Africa, Mozambique, Burma, and Thailand. While the most predominant story that has circulated on the internet has been Kris’s near death experience in Morocco when he fell gravely ill, this story is heart-warming and telling of Kris’s character. Please circulate this to your friends and family.

Before traveling to Thailand, Kris decided that he wanted to bring along his new $700 guitar, a beautiful Takamine, that his parents had recently given him. Of course, Kris’s parents thought he should leave his prized-possession at home and go without this guitar. Promising to keep it safe, Kris chose to take the Takamine.

During his trip across Southeast Asia, Kris managed to transport the guitar unharmed. But one day, Kris attended a worship service at a large refugee camp in Thailand. There was a local girl leading worship playing a guitar, though her guitar wasn’t compatible with the plug for the amps and most of the crowd had difficulty hearing. Without complete knowledge of why or what he was doing, Kris began to cry; and, feeling moved to act, he approached the stage and the girl. He laid down his guitar and plugged in his new, expensive guitar into the amp and walked away.

Kris later called his parents, worried that they would be upset with him for having given away his new Takiname guitar. But, of course, the Allens were simply moved by Kris’s gesture and proud of the man they had raised. Now, on American Idol, Kris has received many free gifts from clothing designers and from the show, but none of which are more meaningful than a number of new, Takamine guitars.”

This guy is just selfless, a great model, an idol. He doesn’t need American Idol to be a true idol. It’s just heartwarming to learn how golden Kris’s heart is.


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