Posted by: dcmjlive | April 27, 2009

4/23 The Problem With Danny Gokey

I’m sorry Caz or any other Gokey fan. I’m just trying to put into perspective on why Danny Gokey is one of those I dislike in Idol.

1. Gokey’s Dead Wife

– It has been a long time since he’s used his dead wife as a means to get into idol then get votes because of her. But lately, he keeps embodying the love he had with her during the past weeks. September is a song reminiscing about love that is “here to stay.” Endless Love is another song showing that same (sorry for the redundancy) endless love that is here to stay. He sung “Stand By Me”, which also shows his love for her as well. Lastly, he took “What Hurts the Most” not only because of his dead wife but also dead grandpa. He’s milking all that for his own gain. It’s so sickening to find that a guy is using his dead wife too much to get votes. If he loves his dead wife truly, he wouldn’t use her like that. David Cook had a similar situation, but we never learned of it during the show and he definitely didn’t milk it for what it’s worth. I guess that’s why David’s favorites are Adam and Kris because of their sincerity and artistry.

2. Rachel Lampa stalker

– He doesn’t even care if he’s using the dead wife or not. He sings all those songs amidst stalking Rachel Lampa, who bears a resemblance to Gokey’s wife. And take note, Danny contacts Rachel Lampa…not the other way around. Rachel Lampa is also known for being one of the best in the Gospel music genre and obviously, he’s also milking connections so he’d make it big in the genre.

3. Pimping of Danny Gokey

– The guy is not even a great singer, just a competent one. He is not as pitch perfect as Kara says. He was totally sharp in What Hurts the Most. He was totally unbearable during Jesus, Take the Wheel. His yelps were all unpleasant to hear during September. Endless Love was definitely extremely pitchy. And yet the judges give him praise like there’s no tomorrow. I’m glad though that Simon finally goes and says that he has no star quality, clumsy, not current and lots more. I think Simon is finally recognizing that there are better singers in the competition with star quality (Adam, Kris and Allison). The only GREAT thing about Danny’s voice is that he has that suave raspiness to his voice. But he has a small range, little artistry (all of his performances are so karaoke…ooh…I have a new name for him, Danny Karaokey and the fact that his performances aren’t current…a harp…current? you must be kidding me) and overdoes a song. He’s all performance but no real vocal backing (unlike Anoop who has vocal backing but little to no personality.)

If anything, I think his bestfriend, Jamar Rogers, is the better singer. I also think that the reason why Jamar was cut is because he could pose a threat to precious pimp Gokey.

I actually don’t see myself buying a Gokey CD. I loved PYT and Hero though…but after that, it all went downhill for me (and other viewers as well.)


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