Posted by: dcmjlive | April 27, 2009

4/23 The Season’s Second Double Elimination

Well, to be truthful, I was withholding this comments and predictions thing at this time for the reason that I wanted to internalize the whole removal of Anoop and Lil. Had I written this a while ago, I would have simply had a short blog saying, well, that’s what I predicted and expected as Lil and Anoop has lost their sparkle.

But looking back, I seem to forget the sparkle that they did have. Looking at their past videos, I see that I have been harsh on Lil, just as the judges were. I simply got bored of Anoop because he kept singing ballads.

In Lil’s and Anoop’s cases, listening back, they did have soul. Lil’s was really of a diva and this was proved during results night where she NAILED the song, despite not being as good as Vonzell Solomon and Mandisa.

Anoop eerily has a spooky soul component to him. And looking back, his arrangement of Dim All The Lights was actually smart. Kara actually was right last night in most accounts (not on Gokey…) in that Anoop could put that on his record. He may have stole the beat from Ne-Yo but that was smart on this part.

Their Achilles’ Heel was simply listening to the judges too much. They focused too much on what they said and it bummed their performances. Also, because of the judges, they did seem more lackluster than what they were supposed to be.

So did they deserve the boot, yes. Did they do worse than the others, yes. But are they of star quality, yes also. Truly, these two could do well in the industry being that pop now is really composed of R&B, their style. So despite them leaving because the competition has compromised their star quality, I bid adieu to them on a happy note.

About the results show itself, I enjoyed their Disco Group Performance. It was catchy and Paula Abdul did herself justice in turning these Idols into Disco Fever stars. And it’s interesting to note that despite not doing a disco sound last night, Kris, Adam and Allison fit the disco tune. They let the artistry mold change the original arrangements to what would suit them. Smart moves to be truthful, but I kinda missed the feel of Disco. Matt and Danny gave me that feel, also the group performance.

The Disco Fever medley was actually fun to have despite Freda and KC being subpar from what they were before with Houston being the only one who truly gave Disco justice. And did I mention that Freda’s biceps, Houston’s froo-froo and KC’s whole look distracted me too much. It was just hard to see, so I decided to just listen rather than watch.

And of course, we have David Archuleta. He has long parted from his gaspy voice and now has a more controlled yet sneezy voice. Better than last year and his songs now are more mature. I would say though it doesn’t fit how he looks who I remember is 17 or 18 currently. Kinda an old soul really.

So I actually enjoyed the results show, but I enjoyed the extra more. You could really see another side of Lil and Anoop there. Lil, despite being sassy on the show, shows her humor. Anoop despite being reserved, showed his brilliance. And I couldn’t ask for more.

Next week, we’re going to listen to some jazz with the music of rat pack. This genre is best for Danny Gokey who like Taylor Hicks has the right voice for the genre. This troubles me as it might give Gokey the moment we’ve been looking for. But if he doesn’t, then good riddance. Honestly, the top 5 is just so good now that you don’t know what to expect next week. I sort of predict that Matt MIGHT leave but I do remember that he was a dueling pianist and jazz could simply be an easy thing for him. I don’t see troubles for Adam and Kris too because they’ll just change the arrangement (Adam to wild, Kris to tender). This also goes for Allison who would most likely render something rock-ish or power-ballad.


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