Posted by: dcmjlive | April 28, 2009

4/15 David Cook’s AI8 Favorites

Well, the reigning American Idol definitely has to have his favorites…but do you know who they are? I got this from:,4_1_JO14_IDOL_S1.article

“Cook, who again appeared on “American Idol” in a taped performance earlier this year, said he has been watching the show and thinks all of the remaining contestants “still got something in the tank.” He singled out singers Kris Allen and Adam Lambert as two that stand out to him.”

So there you have it. Cook himself singles out that Kris and Adam are his favorites. And I could see why.

Adam of course is a favorite by many because like Cook, he has his own style. He’s got artistry like what Kara has been being a broken record about and what David Cook has been doing last season. He has the same weird look like David. He has that total stage presence. He’s the real deal. He’s someone to anticipate with his next move. All of his performances show true showsmanship. He’s a class act to follow.

With regards to Kris Allen, I bet he likes him because of his artistry as well. But more, he has that sincerity in him that really brings out that he is a true person and he really has that likeability factor. He also changes up the phrasing every time he sings and is always a breath of fresh air. And he knows how to strike a good chord. Not because he is a singer-songwriter but because he has those tender inflections that’s just soothing to the ears. Remember “Man in the Mirror” and “To Make You Feel My Love”? Those were what define Kris. And he has that whole Jason Mraz vibe with him that you could see from his original songs I posted here.

Well, we all know that Adam seems slated for the finals but how about Kris Allen. I honestly hope so. Danny vs Adam would be just douche vs douche. Adam and Kris would make such a great finale.

Also, if I would put someone in the top 3, it would be Allison. Not because she’s a rocker but she’s a rocker with a really great voice. If you listened to her original song, it’s just uber great! Amazing track.

As for Danny, he’s just pushing too hard. He’s actually showing he has a mediocre voice and that most of his performances are more of emotionally driven than vocally driven. Kris and Adam show both.

Matt is good but he has two problems:
1. If he messes up his falsetto, he’s dead.
2. If he sings alternative rock, he’s also dead.
so basically, Matt is at his best when he goes bluesy and soulful.

Anoop is trying to bring on his game up again but after the pitfalls of Beat it and Caught Up, he has much to try to bring up to the table. He should for one stop being boring and start being a showstopper without picking the up-tempo songs that he murders. The only good up-tempo song he has is My Prerogative and that’s actually what got me to like Anoop in the first place. If he brought that more, he’ll totally change this competition.

And Lil is just a confused bat. They tell her to do strong songs, she does it but dismally. Every advice they gave her has blown up in her face. Also, she wants to prove she’s really a great singer. What she should do to become better is to pick a good song where she can show off her range without trying to be in the level of greats. She needs to find her OWN artistry like Kris and Adam if she wants to stay in the competition.


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