Posted by: dcmjlive | April 30, 2009


With a night where everyone sung great, it was inevitable that the bottom three would be unpredictable. But I would have to say that it was a great results show because they were able to put five performances instead of the normal four on the stage.

Did anyone notice that Kris got the pimping in the Ford video? I mean he was the only one clearly seen to get colored. And honestly, I actually like Allison with darker hair. She should definitely have the hair made into brunette or dark black to have a bigger rock edge than her flaming red locks.

The group performance was fun and the scatting was actually the best part. It made me sing and get up from my seat. Back to back good group performances to be truthful. And each person got equal sing time this time.

By the way, I was thrilled to see Danny get the karma for starting the whole cake incident. That moment of him blabbing on about shouldn’t American Idol pay for it was just pure bliss. Serves Danny right! HAHAHAHA.

When it came to the choosing of the bottom three, I sort of knew that the group with Matt G in it would be the bottom three. So when I saw Kris in the bottom three, that made my heart race. Then Adam was given the choice like other before him (David Cook, Bo Bice and the list goes on) to choose a group but unlike other idols before him, he decided to choose Danny and Allison. Boy was he wrong because he was forced to be put in the bottom three. Shocker really. Usually, the one who chooses is usually in first rank. I pitied Adam when he muttered those lines of undertones of “why me?” I think it was classic last year for David Cook to sit down and that was the smartest decision. I think Adam shouldn’t have chosen a group and did some gimmick. HAHAHA.

It’s weird though that they have a bottom three. I mean really, in past idol seasons, it was either just a bottom two or just announcing who got the lowest votes. Is this something about the producers wanting Kris and Adam shaken up or about the producers wanting the fanbases to vote for Kris and Adam? I don’t know…

Then we had the performances. Was the Nat King Cole comment to Matt an allusion to Natalie Cole performing? I don’t know. Natalie Cole was the only guest performer who did a jazz standard. Even mentor Jamie Foxx didn’t sing a standard. But I guess, he cares more about promoting his single “Blame It” than singing a Ray Charles thing or something. Taylor Hicks performance was just horrible to watch. All I could do is sarcastically cheer “Soul Patrol Soul Patrol.” It made me wonder why the heck did he win, why did Elliott, Kat and Chris lose to him, and all other Season 5 things. I was reminded that at the time, both the Soul Patrol and the VFTW crew were both voting for him. I wish Elliott had won that season…and look where Taylor Hicks is now. He’s performing an old dude on Grease…

Anyway, back to the results. I think it was really harsh for Simon to ask Kris if he could win like he asked Allison the previous night. But I’m proud that Kris stood his ground and said that he wouldn’t be here if he couldn’t. It was a witty answer in a sense that he’s not saying he’s in it to win it but saying that he has a chance. I think Allison’s answer was the spot on one though.

So Kris was safe and he hugged Adam. AWWW…the love between these two roommates is so nice to see. Then when Matt was eliminated, Adam hugged Matt. And if I’m not mistaken, Adam kissed Matt on the cheek. Oooh…scandal! hahaha But yeah, Matt deserved to be eliminated.

Matt really is a cat with nine lives…well, make that three lives where he was eliminated, brought back as a wild card, voted off but saved, and eliminated again. I think it was healthy for Matt to finally leave because the idol world has shaken his ego too much. I missed it when he just kept it smooth and performed So Small, which really was his best performance. I think he, and the top four after him WILL have great careers.

So next week is rock week. I think that next week, the one in grave danger is Kris Allen. Despite Danny being the least suited to rock as I’ll expect Danny to become clumsy, he does one of the biggest fanbases. Also, this results show proves that there has been vote splitting between Kradamlison. Adam fans voting for Kris and Allison instead of Adam, and Adam being in the bottom 2, will prompt them to stop vote splitting. And since Adam and Allison are suited for the genre and Danny safe with his strong fanbase, I can’t help but feel too worried about Kris. I say put the go in Gokey and have a Group 2 Final Three!!! But one thing I hope to count on is that Kris would be in his element next week because it’s the week where he changes up the song to his brand of music…acoustic soul. Since acoustic rock is still rock somehow, Kris CAN find a way to turn this week into a week he could excel on. He can show his ability again in changing up a song and making it very original. But alas, I’ll be praying real hard that Danny leaves and Kris stays. I believe Danny will bring it to church like what Melinda did with have a nice day. I just hope Danny picks a weak song because lately, he’s choosing the right songs and gasp, being really good!

So time to rock on!!!


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