Posted by: dcmjlive | May 1, 2009

The TWIST on Idol Rock Week!

Not only will next week be rock and roll week (songs from the 70’s-80’s rock), but it will showcase DUETS!!! That’s right, since the number is even, we’re going to have 2 duets, and 4 solos.

Now here are the possible combinations:

Adam-Allison and Danny-Kris

Adam-Danny and Allison-Kris

Adam-Kris and Allison-Danny

Now given these scenarios, I’ll try to critique what could happen:

1. Adam-Allison and Danny-Kris

This is not a bad pairing. Adam and Allison have both rock edge and they can make rock music together. Danny and Kris both have that blue-eyed soul and with Kris being a good arranger, they could arrange up a duet where they have a soul duet where they can make precious harmonies. Since gender-wise, this is equal, it would be more of a show-off duet or friend-duet.

2. Adam-Danny and Allison-Kris

I somehow fear this. Everyone knows that they want a Adam-Danny finale. The judges can heap their praise on Adanny and throw Krisson under the bus. But musical wise, it will be the battle of the vocalists with Adam and Danny. With Kris and Allison, they could have a love duet (although Kris is married and Allison is just 17). But when it comes to Allison-Kris…who would have to adjust? I’m thinking it’s easier for Allison to adjust to Kris and they could do a rock-ballad and they will pour the most emotion. EDIT: Krisson did a great duet previously though with Don’t Stop Believing in group week. Their vocals were great there! See it here.

3. Adam-Kris and Danny-Allison

Think about this, it would be awesome! It will show they want an Adam-Kris finale due to the fact that they put both Adam and Kris in the bottom three so most likely, their fanbases would vote for them overtime. Also, Kradam would do a fine rendition of Under Pressure which David Bowie and Freddie Mercury did. (Got this from another blogger, thanks sunchick!) Check it out here. And I think Kradam will rock because these two are musical genii at arranging and they could think of so many stuff where they’d make a fine duet. And Danny-Allison…meh. EDIT: Danny and Allison both have raspy voices and would blend pretty easily.

If anything…I do hope Adam, Kris and Allison force the producers to make a trio and leave Danny in the dust…hahaha. Just wishful thinking. LOL.

My prediction: Adam-Kris and Danny-Allison
EDIT: I don’t think they’ll have any problems with blending. Adam was a choir member when he was in high school and I bet in theater, they’ve done chorus parts where they have to blend each others voices. As for Kris and Danny are great at blending as they are both church music directors. It’s a bit of Allison, will she be able to blend? Hmm…dunno. But three out of four seems enough to make good duets.


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