Posted by: dcmjlive | May 8, 2009

Why Kris was Pissed

After Simon told Kris and Danny that Danny outsang Kris, many noticed his look was pissed. And sure enough, that comment enraged him, but why so?

When I first heard the duet, here was my first take:

“Danny completely blew off Kris’s first attempt to make eye contact. He really wanted it to be a duet and Danny was making it so like a duel. And in the second time Kris attempted eye contact, Danny just stood and didn’t even lean in to complement him. And right after, Danny even extended the note when Kris had stopped.”

I may be right with the eye contact part but I’m completely wrong with the “Danny extending the note”. Thing was, Danny messed up the lyrics. Here are the starting lyrics:

Oh, mama, I’m in fear for my life from the long arm of the law.
Lawman has put an end to my running and I’m so far from my home.
Oh, mama, I can hear you a-crying, you’re so scared and all alone.
Hangman is coming down from the gallows, and I don’t have very long.

But listen to the performance again.

Danny sang “I don’t have very long” NOT “I’m so far from my home.” But still Kris let go a bit. He showed his frustration by turning his back. That’s why they didn’t sound and looked in-sync. Kris already got pissed that Danny effed the lyrics and wanted to distance himself a bit. And later, after realizing he was losing the duet dynamic tried to connect to Danny. But it still didn’t work. But still, not much reason to get pissed right? No, Danny makes a bigger blunder.

Listen up until the ending harmony. We do know that since it is a live performance, they had to cut the song. Also, they had to finish in a glory harmony. I also falsely noted a while ago that Danny extended. I was partly right though because that last note was a BIG lyrical blunder. Listen to it again!

The ending line started with “Lawman has come an end to my running and” Notice that this is the exact same line Danny screwed up. And not only did Danny screw up during the start, but also the end as you’ll hear them both sing different lines. Kris sings “I’m so” while Danny sings “I don’t.” Kris quickly noticing that Danny was screwing up the lyrics again for the big finish, he did the simplest thing to do and drowned his lyrics and made an open sounding version of it while Danny took the big finish. Kris stopping was his way that his drowned home and Danny’s long wouldn’t be noticeably distinct. Danny did not extend, Kris stopped.

Now see why Kris was pissed. Kris just saved the performance AND Danny to make it seem that Danny did not screw up his lyrics. And because Simon Cowell knows squat about this song did not notice that what Kris was doing was not forgetting the lyrics but making it less obvious that Danny screwed up.

It also explains the further enmity between the two during results night when Kris was saved and he hugged everyone but Danny.

And his frustration affected his performance of Come Together. Since he had to perform again right after that, he had a hard time cooling his head off although he hides it pretty well. He wasn’t able to connect to his song like he normally does.

So in reality, the reason Kris failed to perform his best was because of Danny. Simon being egotistical added the insult to the injury.

Now, I apologize for calling Danny egotistical and mean. I think in Danny’s part, he was wondering why Kris turned his back on him and suddenly was asking for eye connection.

Listening to the studio, they were actually more in-sync. It really came down to this whole fiasco.

I will be doing a segment on regrading the Top 3 later. Taking this to consideration, we’ll see how the top 3 fit in my standardized ranking system, which will include bonus considerations like this one.

Thanks to What Not To for the heads up!



  1. I hate Hokey. With a passion.

  2. Didn’t know the song well enough to realise the blunder until today. Thanks for the insight. Makes me angry with Gokey even more. Hope he goes home in Top 3 night.

    • To give due credit, it was a junior editor at who discovered it. But as he only got a small editorial to explain it, I wanted to dissect it a bit more and really see why Kris and Danny acted how they did on stage.

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