Posted by: dcmjlive | May 13, 2009

The Singer. The Performer. The Artist.

Since the top 3 is not a themed night and instead showcases the idol’s pick and the judges’ pick, it makes the show more of a showcase of who the top three are. Each of the ones I mentioned above refer to one of the three. I will explain later who each one is, but it might be obvious.

Anyway, this night, there is no bus throwing. There is still the occasional pimping of course. But this night for me is the best night ever. They were all so good. But since they are so good, I’ll be using my new grading system so that you’ll see the breakdown of it all.

Now to introduce the grading system: P is Pitch for 10pts. This is how in-pitch they were during the performance. O is Originality for 10pts. A is Arrangement for 10pts. This is different from originality because it’s how the arrangement suits the person. T is Timbre for 10pts. Timbre here is the quality of the voice and if it suits the song. D is Dynamics for 10pts. It’s how the arrangement is made to make connection. S is Stage Performance for 10pts. It’s how the contestant commands the stage to suit the song. C is Connection for 20pts. It’s how much emotion was brought out in the song personally. R is Risk for 20pts. It shows how risky the song was. It may be because an idol has sung it before or the arrangement is different or if it’s too much of a safe song or etc. Last is B for Bonus points, which of course are the added edge that makes the performance special. The total is 100.

Finally, that’s over. Now to the performances:

The Singer: Danny Gokey

Dance Little Sister: Pitch-wise, Danny really stayed on key. He lacked the originality though to mix up the song except maybe his gospel scatting at the middle, which seemed a bit uncalled for and from the start, I saw restrain when this performance is supposed to just burst and open up. He brought it up near the end but the energy was just lacking. The timbre of Danny suited the song really well. To top it all off, it was a bit risky to do because it does seem to be an obscure song that not many could relate to.

Breakdown: P:10 O:7 A:8 T:10 D:5 S:7 C:15 R:20 B:0
TOTAL  82/100
GRADE: 2.25

You Are So Beautiful: Pitch-wise, Danny stayed on key again. His strength has to be the timbre of his voice as it does blend really good with the song. It was actually very original as the new take was actually good. But I would have to say that the song did come as boring at the beginning. He did have sort of a good connection and stage presence. The dynamics of the song was beautifully made but as for a risk. It’s actually pretty safe and in the fact that someone like him named Taylor Hicks did that song better, he falls a bit short.

Breakdown: P:10 O:10 A:10 T:10 D:10 S:7 C:18 R:13 B:0
TOTAL 88/100
GRADE: 1.75

The Artist: Kris Allen

Apologize: Paula may have said he has a bum note but I think the vocal was spot on. It’s amazing how even if it didn’t seem original, you have those little phrasings that set Kris apart from the original. The arrangement suited his style clearly and the timbre was actually really good. His falsettos were OK. The dynamics really stayed true to the song but I think that’s what it called for. His own stage presence is reminiscent of Matt Giraud in So Small. He has a great way of connecting to the song. Lastly, I think it was risky not to change the song up that much because of the fact that he could be compared to Ryan Tedder or David Archuleta. Thing was, he actually nailed it. Without bandzilla ruining his song, this performance of Kris is one of my favorites.

Breakdown: P:10 O:6 A:8 T:10 D:10 S:10 C:20 R:20 B:0
TOTAL 94/100
GRADE: 1.25

Heartless: Could I just say that I am speechless. Everything was spot on with the new arrangement, the pitch, the original flavor, how it suits his voice, his stage presence, the lack of bandzilla, the huge risk involved, the connection. Unbelievable. If he doesn’t get to the final 2, I’ll blame it on Gokey. Oh did I mention that google trends has marked “kris allen heartless” the number one search topic in the US? This guy is ready to make a record! He’s the only one who we know what kind of artist he will be. Kudos to Kris for pulling from behind.

Breakdown: No need, everything is perfect.
TOTAL 100/100
GRADE: 1.0

The Performer: Adam Lambert

One – What’s new? Adam has the most pitch perfect voice on the competition. Turns out Simon helped the arrangement and honestly, he really worked it out with Adam and paid off. It gave Adam’s timbre more finesse and the connection was good. What seemed a bit off was his over the top parts. It detracted from a great take. But dynamics-wise, it was great that it build to that much. And of course, he is the performer so the stage presence was good. A risk, yes it is. First time it’s been peformed. Maybe I’m being hard on Adam but he was supposed to top his past ballads but he didn’t. This sort of fell below expectations.

Breakdown: P:10 O:10 A:8 T:10 D:10 S:10 C:16 R:20 B:0
TOTAL 94/100
GRADE: 1.25

Cryin’ – It amazes me that Adam picks a song with a big reference to last week. He refers to Allison’s Cry Baby but also, he shows Gokey how to do Aerosmith. And of course it is rock. His pitch was perfect as usual and had a good timbre to his voice. The dynamics of the song was really good. He of course performs really well with OK connection. But it seemed too much like the original. And honestly, it’s not much of a risk anymore for Lambert to do rock. Plus points for the allusions. 🙂 HAHA…he’s the only one I gave bonus points to. WOOT!

Breakdown: P:10 O:6 A:10 T:10 S:10 C:18 R:15 B:5
TOTAL 94/100
GRADE: 1.25

MY TOP TWO: KRADAM!!! I actually liked Danny’s performances but he could not match to the artistry of Kris or the performance level of Adam.

Lastly, it was a blast voting for Kris. I really do hope my pipe dream will come true. Hey, Dial Idol says it’s such a close fight, I can believe what I want.


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