Posted by: dcmjlive | May 19, 2009

The Torches that Kris and Adam Carry

Yes, in the words of Jeff Probst, the tribe has spoken. Wait, this is American Idol and not Survivor. Well, I’ll use a moment in the Survivor series to ponder on a point. It’s the journey to tribal council of the Final 2. Both finalists pass through the torches of the fallen survivors, then they reach the finale.

But thing is, in the idol world, Kris and Adam don’t carry the same torches. From a talent standpoint alone, Kris brings in the singer-songwriter persona while Adam brings in the theater-trained, actor persona. Even in their stereotypes, Kris bears the humble straight Christian boy persona from the South while Adam bears the Hollywood-glam gay flamboyant boy persona from California. Comparing the two is like comparing Apples and Oranges where one’s skin can’t be eaten while the other’s can, where one is hard while the other is pulpy. But in a sense, they’re both fruits like Kris and Adam are both artists. Yes, they both fit in the Chris Daughtry, David Cook, Bo Bice molds in that (not that they’re rockers) but they’re package artists who reinvent songs. It’s because of this that I would want to plea to diehard fans to stop bashing. In the spirit of the friendship of Kradam and the fact that this is just a TV show, the fandom is becoming TMTH.

But I digress, the torches that these two bear are different in that they carry the burdens of fallen idols who are epitomized in them. In what way? The producer’s script.

Interestingly, I learned that Matt Giraud had already known he was in the Wild Card right after he got eliminated. He was buying a hat and said something like this: “I need a hat. Shh… I’m in the wildcard performing MoTown and I need a hat.” This was even before the wild cards WERE ANNOUNCED. So it wasn’t a wonder why Jasmine Murray, Anoop Desai, Matt Giraud and Megan Joy made it to the top 13 (as they were all given pimp pieces pre-semifinals).

Adam represents all those that were pimped by the judges pre-semifinals. He represents Matt Giraud, Anoop Desai, Danny Gokey, Lil Rounds, Michael Sarver, Scott Macintyre, Megan Joy, Jorge Nunez and Jasmine Murray who obviously failed to deliver from their pimp persona. (Why Alexis Grace isn’t here, I’ll tell about it later.)

So if Adam represents them, who does Kris represent? Kris bears the torch of the fallen idols who were treated as cannon fodder, unmarketable…case in point, the people they think wouldn’t be able to sell.

In the semifinals, group 3 had the most cannon fodder, the people who had the least exposure before that time. But it also produced the show’s highest ratings for a semi-final round. You have Felicia Barton (with I Ain’t Got You), Jun’ot Joyner (with Hey There Delilah) and Kristen McNamara (with Give Me One Reason). But all these three DID NOT make the Wild Card because of a script. What script was this? I mentioned a while ago that Matt and Jasmine were two people who were given pimp pieces. But Matt did dismally with Viva La Vida and Jasmine did dismally with, hey, I even forgot. I never liked Jasmine anyway. It was the contestant’s slip up that led to Kris Allen and Allison Iraheta, both cannon fodders to reach the top 13. It also prompted less of the cannon fodders to be brought back to the wildcard, thus making it the worse wildcard show with Tatiana reprising her Whitney Houston song.

And during the Top 13, they made sure that the people they pimp are Adam, Danny and Lil. And rightfully so, they were only supposedly going to use the Judges’ save for those three.

But Alexis Grace was kicked to the curb when she was eliminated. Poor little Alexis who had the capacity to beat Lil and Danny was not saved in favor to save Danny and Lil. It also brought the complication that if Alexis was saved, it would be hard to determine who would join the Idol tour.

And who was the judge’s save used on? Matt Giraud. The person who didn’t deserve to be saved based on his dismal performance of the Bryan Adams song. The person who was brought back because of the wildcard after a dismal performance of Viva. The person who ruined You Found Me by The Fray. But don’t get me wrong, I loved Matt’s So Small, Let’s Get it On and Part-Time Lover. But after You Found Me, he went from loved to apathy. If you remember, I wanted Matt gone by the top 5. Decidedly, America did too.

So Kris not only bears the torch of Allison Iraheta but also the torches of Alexis Grace, Ricky Braddy, Jesse Langseth, Felicia Barton, Kristen McNamara and Jun’ot Joyner. Kris Allen is the only hope for what people used to LOVE about American Idol:

Finding a singer that just came from nowhere. Someone who didn’t seem like much but blossomed to a beautiful butterfly spreading its wings and soaring high.

To date, the only idol as such is KELLY CLARKSON. Starting from Reuben, all American Idol winners were AT LEAST featured in WHOLE at the auditions.

The producers dodged a bullet last year when DAVID COOK not their chosen one ARCHULETA was crowned because of the depimping of Cook despite him being shown a lot pre-semifinals.

Kris in all matters deserves to win. Like Kelly Clarkson, he was from a nobody literally on American Idol to a FINALIST in the TOP 2. Like David Archuleta, Adam Lambert delivered the other half of the bargain by levelling up to the hype. He too deserves to win. Not like Gokey who’s karaoke and screamed on and suffered from not knowing pop phrasings that his Christian-music-only background failed to deliver. Not like Rounds who’s also karaoke and never got the hint that she should sing Whitney Houston and not Celine Dion.

So Adam Lambert, the pimped and Kris Allen, the underdog sing their hearts out “Tuesday Night.” Of course in the Philippines, that’s Wednesday Morning. But who deserves the title, both do.

But if there was any justice in this world, KRIS ALLEN SHOULD WIN. And he totally deserves it after great performances like: Heartless, She Works Hard for the Money, Falling Slowly, Ain’t No Sunshine and To Make You Feel My Love. If he doesn’t win, it just proves once again how rigged the show truly is.

THANKS A LOT TO WHATNOTTOSING.COM for the insight. This is actually a summarized and personalized version of the editorial there.


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