Posted by: dcmjlive | May 21, 2009

Adam DID Win American Idol…in a different way

I’m awfully disheartened on this onslaught of “Adam was robbed” lines on blogs EVERYWHERE…except mine…woot…so I decided to talk about it. Going back, KRADAM for me was the biggest thing for the Final Two. I didn’t want it any other way. And from that point, I didn’t care who would win. (Although I voted my thumbs and pointers off 7 hours for Kris. Yeah, I’m biased but I don’t care if Adam won it.) I just want to follow the beautiful example of KRADAM pointing to each other saying that the next american idol is the guy beside him.

Why can’t Kris fans and Glamberts get along??? I mean, if Kris and Adam could, why can’t they? Hard to fathom actually.

But here’s the common line:

“Adam was robbed, Kris is not deserving” — Honestly, if Kris wasn’t deserving, he wouldn’t have FOUR songs in the top 10 performances of the season in WNTS. Adam only had THREE, and one was a duet with Allison. But honestly, range is not everything. How bout John Lennon, Taylor Swift, Adele? They’ve made moments in the music industry without having a range of Adam’s. And honestly, Kris is not a weak singer. Did you hear him take on the first bars of We are the Champions and the studio version of No Boundaries. Very powerful vocals actually. Reminds me of Daughtry.

(OK…end of Kris defending. For more info, look at previous blog. This blog should be adam after all, right?)

So WHY did Adam win?

1. NO BOUNDARIES will forever NOT be his song. It’s such a bad song for Adam. It doesn’t suit his personality. It doesn’t suit his voice. The best person to sing this song is Danny Gokey. But it does fit Kris too…repetitive much? So even if Idol decided to release Adam’s version for the sake of Kara DioGuardi’s so-called “greatness” (yes, it’s not leaked, it’s planned). For more proof how it does not suit Adam, listen to it. My multiply blog has Adam’s version.

2. HE’S NOT UNDER THE CLUTCHES OF 19E. While Kris has to suffer under 19E (sorry kris!) and does get to go the calculated route to stardom, Adam, I do feel that it’s much better for him to try to be inventive and make a new current genre, which would have been hindered had he won. But then again, Blake Lewis tried that and awfully failed. So did Diana deGarmo, Justin Guarini, Bo Bice, Kat McPhee…but other idol winners failed too like Taylor Hicks, Fantasia Barrino, Reuben Studdard… See a pattern???

3. They’re just two different people and Kris won by votes. OK, so I helped Kris win…haha. I love my 292 votes in 7 hours. Around 41 and five-sevenths per hour. But hey, AI is just a title. Look at Archie. Look at Daughtry. Their careers are stellar WITHOUT the help of 19E. It’s the exposure of being in the Final 2 that benefits Adam. Honestly, both Kris and Adam did win. And I bet you Adam will be a supernova! His voice can take things to new heights! Don’t be discouraged Glamberts! SHOUT FOR JOY!!!

4. He got exposure. He’s got the best exposure. Pimped by the judges, made more internet viable, very controversial and more. He may not have the title but he has what Kris doesn’t, heavy pimping. It’s why the internet is flooded with Glamberts. His iTunes figures are outclassing Kris. So what if he’s runner up. He was made to be American Idol.

So honestly, did Adam lose. I think not. He’s obviously won TOO. (Just trying to alleviate the pains of all Glamberts out there. I love you guys too. I’m a Kradam remember? hahaha.)



  1. How did this happen people? I thought Adam had this in the bag….Oh….my heart hurts!

  2. I’m perfectly happy with Kris winning–I love Adam, and I like Kris–and it seemed like Kris needed the win whereas Adam

    But I don’t think that Kris having one more song than Adam in the top 10 means that Kris is better. For one, if we’re going to say that a tiny difference of one song makes a person better, than surely the fact that Adam’s MW is by far the highest rated performance would mean that the is better. Secondly, Adam’s voice, style, etc., are far more polarizing than Kris’. People loved him passionately and hated him passionately–whereas Kris was more palatable to a much wider group of people. So, people had much stronger opinions both for and against each song that Adam did–hence the very high standard deviation on all but two of his performances–whereas it was easier for more people to like Kris’ songs (hence his lower standard deviations). For example, a lot of people went insane over RoF and thought it was one of the best of the season, and a lot of others thought it was banshee sacrilege. And even with that polarization, his Mad World is still easily the highest ranked song of the season–and he and Kris were the first two contestants (or almost the first two) to get 5 star ratings on a reprise performance. I think that Adam and Kris both deserved to win–Adam just a bit more for me personally because he is unique, but it is so difficult to really say that one of these is better, because their styles are just so different. Happily, they are both (along with Allison) going to get to make albums and hopefully embark on long and successful careers.

    • I have to just agree with you. Adam did have very polarizing songs while Kris didn’t. With that alone, you really couldn’t compare. And yes, I thought they both deserved to win. Did I say Kris was better? HAHAHA. I don’t think I said that. But true enough, there’s something about Adam and Kris that just reaches out to you. Currently, I’m actually listening to a playlist of Kris, Adam, Allison and Matt and I enjoy all their songs. It’s just nice to listen to. 🙂

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