Posted by: dcmjlive | May 21, 2009

Kris Allen Declared American Idol ’09


What did I tell you guys! I saw from the start how Kris was actually a frontrunner and from this, Kris really did win. I’m so proud that I helped him win! I also predicted that there would be 100 million votes and there were. I also predicted Randy’s pick will win and he did!


Random thoughts about the Finale:

– I love how the judges were made fun of. I totally laughed out loud there.
– I loved it when they came out all white! hahaha
– David Cook’s Permanent was better than his last performance in AI this season
– Normund Gentle was damn off-key. But I enjoyed how staged the Golden Idols are. Fast forward for this comment. Does anyone think that Bikini Girl is still hot? But Kara really outclassed her! She hit that note and I was like Bikini Girl just got served. And then you have Tatiana not having spotlight, yet it was staged. HAHAHA.
– Lil and Queen Latifah were just so pitchy. The key was too low for them. Cue the rain… Well Lil commanded the stage well though.
– Anoop, Alexis and Mraz was hott!!! They totally saved I’m Yours from the dismal group 2 performance.
– I loved Kris’s journey. It was Kick Awesome! The duet with Keith Urban was hot! I so wanted an encore. It was truly a smoking hot lava bomb!
– The girls were HOTT tonight! Fergie was extremely hot. Didn’t actually see the edit. The BEP performance is actually just meh for me.
– Allison and Cyndi do a sweet duet together. Nothing flashy. Just the right amount of good.
– I’m so proud of the parents of Kradam. They really love the spirit of camaraderie that Kradam has.
– Danny and Lionel was OK. Why didn’t Kris get medleys? But it was funny to see Danny gyrate not once but twice. HAHAHA. He totally copied Allison on the stairs…
– Adam and KISS were OK, but I didn’t really enjoy it. All the time, I was thinking: BRING BACK KRIS AND KEITH! Adam again gets the pimp spot, does that signal a Kris win? Hell yeah!
– Smooth was just hot! I like the red v-neck Kris was wearing, I need to buy that!
– Woah, Steve Martin played Banjo! I didn’t like the song but Michael and Megan did stay in pitch
– The boy’s club song was just BAD! Rod Stewart was totally wearing Plaid for Kris.
– KRADAM REALLY ARE THE CHAMPIONS!!! I LOVED HOW KRIS GOT MORE LINES THAN ADAM, but ADAM GOT THE HIGHER NOTES! Did you notice the beautiful blending between Kris and Adam? Also, did you notice the line with “my friend”, they showed their brotherly love? WOOT!!!
– AND RESULTS, KRIS WON!!! I WAS TOTALLY SHOUTING GO KRIS!!! I was just overwhelmed, clapping like crazy, screaming take that Simon! No Boundaries actually sounded good this time. Did I mention Katy Allen was hot all night! I feel like crying now. Still repressing it! THIS IS JUST AWESOME!!!



  1. – Smooth was just hot! I like the red v-neck Kris was wearing, I need to buy that!

    –Kris knows some cha-cha! I was like jaw-dropped the whole dance time. Haha! Yeah, the V-neck was soooo soooo HAWT! When I saw KrAdam, I was like “Kris is wearing red. Oh, he is so gonna win. That’s prophetic.”

    I love your Kris articles! 😉

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