Posted by: dcmjlive | May 21, 2009

On Kris Winning and No Boundaries

Where do I start? Let me just start with what I said when Kris Allen won: “WOOT! WOOT! GO KRIS! GO KRIS! TAKE THAT SIMON!” From that alone, it showed how happy I was that Kris won.

His journey on idol was truly a rough one. TRIVIA: They WERE going to show Kris’s whole audition on the Louisville episode but they cut it. Proof was in the “next” segment before going to break, Simon had said that “your modesty is putting me off.” But only the first two lines were shown of Kris’s audition. In honesty, after that, they didn’t show much of Kris. They only showed Kris with Matt in White Chocolate, which absolutely rocked. They then showed him getting through the chair but we didn’t see that he actually had to do a sing-off.

Basically, we didn’t know much about Kris going to the Semi-Finals round. We only heard part of Hollywood in the video clip before Man in the Mirror. But you know what, right when I heard Man in the Mirror, Kris became an automatic favorite for me. For the others, uh, not really, he was forgettable, because he wasn’t pimped as it would be said.

Instead of taking you through the journey of Kris, I would just say instead that his story mimics the first ever Idol winner, Kelly Clarkson. Like Kelly, Kris started to bloom as the season went on. They both peaked at the right time, at the crucial time and won. The difference between Kelly and Kris (who both start with K incidentally) is that we knew that Kelly would win over Justin but the internet seemed to have favored Adam to win over Kris.

For me, Kris was a frontrunner. Pulling off moments without having the judges overpraise it like how they did with Adam and Danny. His renditions of Ain’t No Sunshine, Falling Slowly, She Works Hard for the Money, Heartless and Ain’t No Sunshine reprise gave the viewers the type of record Kris would make and how radio-friendly his voice really is. All of these except falling slowly MADE the top 7 songs of the season in Adam only had three in the top 10: Tracks of My Tears, Mad World and Slow Ride (the duet with Allison). His reprise didn’t even make the top 10.

What’s more, Kris is the only one in IDOL HISTORY to have ranked a reprise song higher than the five star ranked original; a feat that Kelly Clarkson, Clay Aiken and Jordin Sparks weren’t able to do. Not only that but Kris’s Ain’t No Sunshine reprise made the top 40 performances of the whole Idol History…the only reprise to make it as well.

If that doesn’t scream frontrunner, I don’t know what does. But to the audience, he will remain an underdog. Why? Because they pimped Adam too much. He never got the praise he deserved. They always focused on Adam because of his high range and high internet viability. But the latter was just a by-product of the pimping of Adam.

So Kris really deserved the win that he gained. What made him win, which in fact was not even a close vote is the support from these:

Arkansas — His home state alone gave him 38M out of the 100M votes. This is thanks to the watch parties Kris’s friends organized.
The Church of Gokey — Pastor Jeff Pruitt had told the legions of Danny fans to vote for Kris because of his humility and his talent.
Southern Vote — Most winners from AI from down south. The people from here don’t really go to the internet so they’re not brainwashed by all the Adam-mania.
Underdog Vote — Because he was labeled so and because people love an underdog, people voted for him.
VoteForTheWorst — Thanks to the blatant pimping of contestants, VFTW wanted to support the cannon fodder of the season.


Kris Allenation — The GLOBAL fansite of Kris. Operation Ding Dong, which is a voting strategy that was planned by the site, made voting very systematic during the seven hours of voting. Dedicated Kris fans voted tremendously with the use of this operation.

So obviously, it was a success.

Kris’s story overcomes the boundaries that most cannon fodders are forced to take in. Who could not forget Jason Castro, last season’s underdog. Jason Castro like Kris was also cannon fodder but unlike Kris, it was obvious that he let those comments get to him that sometime late into the competition, the brilliant guy who sang Hallelujah had seemingly given up. This is the reason why I didn’t like Castro because he seemed to be giving up and performing badly. But as compared to Kris who had the same amount of bus throwing, maybe even more, he kept his composure and delivered Heartless and Ain’t No Sunshine reprise. Also, he was not unlike David Cook who changed up songs and was less preferred to win than David Archuleta. The true underdog story lives again.

Listening back to the studio version of the song, the song doesn’t only fit Kris not only because of the radio-friendly take to it but also because it suited his story. His connection to the song was just so strong that I felt it when I heard the studio version. He truly has no boundaries and I’ll be seeing more of Kris sometime soon.

It honestly brought Idol back to what it was supposed to mean. Finding some undiscovered talent and developing him/her into a superstar.



  1. Very well said 🙂

  2. Great article DJ!

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