Posted by: dcmjlive | May 22, 2009

Kris Allen, The True Frontrunner?

Man, I love conspiracy theories. Thanks to for the insight. I just wanted to bring this up, and actually, dissect it a bit more.

Here’s how it goes. Now that the contest is OVER. The producers decide to open up the popularity bars again. Now initially, the producers had this closed so that no one has a clear idea of who the frontrunner is. We did get momentary peaks at it though through two ways: RSS feeds and iTunes leaks. The most famous of these leaks was when Adam had soared through the top with most of his downloads while Kris was steadily behind. I documented it in my blog sometime ago…

But despite that, I never thought of context. In that week, Kris and Adam gave interesting songs. It was of course Disco week where Kris made the women’s anthem, She Works Hard for the Money into folk-rock acoustic hit. Adam also gave a controversial change to the hip and upbeat If I Can’t Have You making it a crushing ballad of heartfelt emotion, which received both praise and backlash.

Either way, the fact that Kris and Adam were the best of that night (Kris leading by a tiny bit) may have prompted their singles sales to skyrocket.

But there was an earlier leak too which showed Adam in the top while Kris was 2nd, Allison 3rd and Danny 4th. This was after the WildCard show and before the Top 13 show. Interestingly, Adam was already WAY pimped at that time but Kris who hadn’t gotten decent exposure (other than 9 seconds of A Song for You, an unknown singer in White Chocolate and seeing him pass the chair episode without knowing he was actually part of the dreaded sing-off) was already there beating other favorites like Danny Gokey. (Even Allison was beating Danny, but of course, she did sing Alone by Heart better than Carly Smithson…)

And now, after the show, we get these completely non-leaked and released popularity bars. Here’s the shot from, thanks Rickey:

Kris Allen leads again. His No Boundaries single has reached the top 2 despite the fact that No Boundaries was the WORST song during Top 2 performance night. OK, so that list is a bit incomplete, let’s complete it: (Kris & Kris-related songs in BOLD-GREEN, Adam & Adam-related songs in ITALICS-RED)

  1. Don’t Stop Believing (Glee Cast Version) – Glee Cast
  2. No Boundaries – Kris Allen
  3. Boom Boom Pow – Black Eyed Peas
  4. New Divide – Linkin Park
  5. Heartless (American Idol Studio Version – May 12) – Kris Allen
  6. Permanent – David Cook
  7. Mad World (American Idol Studio Version) – Adam Lambert
  8. Waking Up In Vegas – Katy Perry
  9. Ain’t No Sunshine (American Idol Studio Version) – Kris Allen
  10. Fire Burning – Sean Kingston
  11. A Change Is Gonna Come (American Idol Studio Version – May 19) – Adam Lambert
  12. Kiss A Girl – Keith Urban
  13. I Know You Want Me (Calle Ocho) – Pitbull
  14. Poker Face – Lady Gaga
  15. Imma Be – Black Eyed Peas
  16. Don’t Trust Me – 3OH!3
  17. LoveGame – Lady Gaga
  18. Heartless (American Idol Studio Performance – May 20) – Kris Allen
  19. No Boundaries – Adam Lambert
  20. Sugar (featuring Wynter) – Flo Rida
  21. Her Diamonds – Rob Thomas
  22. The Climb – Miley Cyrus
  23. Note To God – Charice
  24. Second Chance – Shinedown
  25. Halo – Beyonce
  26. Birthday Sex – Jeremih
  27. Apologize (American Idol Studio Version) – Kris Allen
  28. I’m Yours – Jason Mraz
  29. Goodbye – Kristinia DeBarge
  30. Knock You Down – Keri Hilson, Kanye West, Ne-Yo
  31. Day ‘n’ Nite – Kid Cudi
  32. A Change Is Gonna Come (American Idol Studio Version – May 20) – Adam Lambert
  33. Mad World (American Idol Studio Version – May 20) – Adam Lambert
  34. Ain’t No Sunshine (American Idol Studio Version – May 20) – Kris Allen
  35. Know Your Enemy – Green Day
  36. Home Sweet Home – Carrie Underwood
  37. What’s Going On (American Idol Studio Version) – Kris Allen
  38. I Do Not Hook Up – Kelly Clarkson
  39. Turn My Swag On – Soulja Boy
  40. One (American Idol Studio Version – May 12) – Adam Lambert
  41. Just Dance – Lady Gaga and Colby O’Donis
  42. Blame It – Jamie Foxx
  43. Ride Round – Flo Rida
  44. Slow Ride (American Idol Studio Version) – Adam Lambert and Allison Iraheta
  45. Don’t Stop Believin’ – Journey
  46. Rehab (Glee Cast Version) – Glee Cast
  47. If Today Was Your Last Day – Nickelback
  48. Please Don’t Leave Me – P!nk
  49. Falling Slowly (American Idol Studio Version) – Kris Allen
  50. No Surprise – Daughtry
  51. Cryin’ (American Idol Studio Version) – Adam Lambert
  52. Kiss Me Thru The Phone – Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em
  53. Insane – Eminem
  54. Whatever It Is – Zac Brown Band
  55. Apologize (American Idol Studio Version – May 20) – Kris Allen
  56. You Are So Beautiful (American Idol Studio Version) – Danny Gokey
  57. You Belong With Me – Taylor Swift
  58. Gives You Hell – All-American Rejects
  59. So What – P!nk
  60. You Found Me – The Fray
  61. Permanent (American Idol Charity Song) – David Cook
  62. I Run To You – Lady Antebellum
  63. 1,2,3,4 – Plain White T’s
  64. Battlefield – Jordin Sparks
  65. We Made You – Eminem
  66. All The Above (feat. T-Pain) – Maino
  67. Welcome To The World – Kevin Rudolf and Rick Ross
  68. Come On Get Higher – Matt Nathanson
  69. If U Seek Amy – Britney Spears
  70. Heartless – Kanye West
  71. Come Back To Me – David Cook
  72. Use Somebody – Kings of Leon
  73. What’s Going On (American Idol Studio Version – May 20) – Kris Allen
  74. To Make You Feel My Love – Kris Allen
  75. Then – Brad Paisley
  76. Best Days of Your Life – Kellie Pickler
  77. Lucky (feat. Colbie Caillat) – Jason Mraz
  78. She’s Country – Jason Aldean
  79. I’m On A Boat (feat. T-Pain) – The Lonely Island
  80. That’s Not My Name – The Ting Tings
  81. Not Meant To Be – Theory of a Deadman
  82. My Life Would Suck Without You – Kelly Clarkson
  83. Falling Slowly (American Idol Studio Version – May 20) – Kris Allen
  84. The Tracks of My Tears (American Idol Studio Version) – Adam Lambert
  85. Pretty Flowers – Steve Martin
  86. Love Story – Taylor Swift
  87. Hoedown Throwdown – Miley Cyrus
  88. Renegade (American Idol Studio Version) – Danny Gokey and Kris Allen
  89. Ring of Fire (American Idol Studio Version) – Adam Lambert
  90. Sideways – Dierks Bentley
  91. Is Anybody Listening (from the Ten Commandments – LIVE) – Adam Lambert
  92. To Make You Feel My Love (American Idol Studio Version – May 20) – Kris Allen
  93. How Do You Sleep – Jesse McCartney
  94. Feeling Good (American Idol Studio Version) – Adam Lambert
  95. Forever and Almost Always – Kate Voegele
  96. I Love College – Asher Roth
  97. Show Me What I’m Looking For – Carolina Liar
  98. It Happens – Sugarland
  99. Amazing (feat. Young Jeezy) – Kanye West
  100. One (American Idol Studio Version – May 20) – Adam Lambert

Kris leads Adam 16-13. The two songs included in Kris’s side is Kiss A Girl (which Kris did a duet off with Keith Urban in the finale) and Heartless by Kanye West for obvious reasons. Without those Kris would still lead 14-13. Interesting to note also, Kris has TWO studio versions in iTunes for Ain’t No Sunshine… I think that stat should be combined (9 & 34) and I think that might actually be the number one song. In that case it would be 13 all without related songs, 15-13 with related songs.

Interesting numbers? Kinda…let’s put it into context again. iTunes has been used by Idol since season five and I’ll use those comparisons into effect now. Katherine McPhee won over Taylor Hicks while Hicks won AI. Blake Lewis won over Jordin Sparks while Sparks won AI. In season 7, David Cook won over David Archuleta BOTH in iTunes popularity and AI. And now, Kris Allen is winning over Adam Lambert BOTH in iTunes popularity and AI. (I’m using singles as a better gauge because if I used albums, I could say that there are more die-hard fans of Adam given that Adam has more album sales than Kris has but then again, those songs on the albums are also recorded in the singles popularity bars. Singles are more important in the long run.)

If we take in the first two bars with the current bars, we can actually draw a conclusion… Kris was a true frontrunner afterall. But how can we say “the” instead of “a.” Let’s also take into context contestant pimping. Adam was way pimped during the competition, in that, people thought Adam would win it all. Kris however WASN’T pimped at all and judged accordingly (except when he was thrown under the bus during rock week after the only original performance that got no credit at all) and also treated as cannon fodder.

Pimping not only helps raise popularity (as proved at the online polls) but also gets people to download. But why did Kris get a good amount of downloads even if he wasn’t pimped.

Interestingly, the producers did know about Kris’s rising popularity despite lukewarm comments and not much pimping. And even more blatantly, they pimped Adam as the frontrunner. We also knew that the producers wanted an Adam-Danny finale. And ultimately, Kris was actually thrown under the bus by putting Kris in the first spot during Ratpack week and given lukewarm comments and decidedly run over by a whole train during Rock week. In analyzing this, we’ve come to this:


(For more details, see one of my previous post: The Torches Kris and Adam Carry)

And after Kris won a LANDSLIDE win even bigger than the gap between Archie and Cook, and after seeing these popularity bars, I think I’m pretty convinced:


If you noticed, he wasn’t in the bottom two on Ratpack Night…whereas Adam was. He was first saved on BOTH Rock Night and Top 3 night. (Give whatever interpretation you wish.) He actually got the best home package when they decided to stop the bus throwing. (Was this a sign they knew Kris was going to win?) Simon even said that Kris would win, and he did.

But Kris is STILL a darkhorse. Why you ask. Because no one saw it coming…except the producers. That’s why the internet community seems to think it was an upset. So he’s the true frontrunner disguised as a darkhorse. HAHAHA.

So after reading this, who do you think the true frontrunner is? Adam or Kris?



  1. I totally agree. I can’t add anymore except some words below:

    Kris got the HIGHEST VOTES in TOP 3 elimination. HE TOOK THE LEAD after the heart-breaking HEARTLESS performance.

    In the Top 2 Finale, Adam did not make a convincing performance to overtake Kris’s followers on the eyes of the voters. His numbers were dwindling.



    The rest of the mainstream media’s soundbites are NOTHING but CR*P.

  2. wow. very well said.

  3. hhehehehe!!! I JUST LUVVVVVVVVVVV IT!!!

  4. I really enjoyed reading this and I agree with you. Although it was never really showed Kris was THE frontrunner. He just didn’t get as much exposure, but I think he preferred it that way. The little exposure he got fit his quiet personality.
    I am really so happy for him! In fact I was jumping up and down screaming when he won. I know he’s going to be very successful. Adam is too. Adam is extremely talented as well, but his music doesn’t appeal to me. He seems like a very nice person though and I love the relationship he and Kris share.

  5. hey dj, im steph from u have a good point. u did analyze everything(wonder how you fins all the information). anyway, nice blog you have in here. always a kris fans!

    • It’s interesting really. The more you read about information, the more you’ll be led to other sources. I just take a risk and read those other sources and they sometimes become major sources. And this just started with Season 8. Imagine if I had this knowledge 7 seasons ago.

      I do thank,,,, and other sources that verify my thoughts. I sometimes miss some stuff but I would be happy if people pointed it out. Who knows, I might actually be wrong. HAHAHA.

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