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Camp Should-a-been Predictions: Finals Part 1

When we last left our happy campers, the camp had eliminated 23 hopefuls and progressed 13. Now this simulation will continue without real finalists Matt, Michael, Megan and Jasmine but rather, continue with Ricky, Felicia, Kristen and Jun’ot. A bit complicated work since 4 would have decay factors instead of real scores but what else can we do?

TOP 13: Michael Jackson Week

  1. Allison Iraheta – 82
  2. Adam Lambert – 81
  3. Alexis Grace – 77
  4. Lil Rounds – 74
  5. Danny Gokey – 72
  6. Felicia Barton* – 69
  7. Ricky Braddy* – 65
  8. Kris Allen – 56
  9. Jun’ot Joyner* – 52
  10. Kristen McNamara* – 43
  11. Scott Macintyre – 39
  12. Anoop Desai – 25
  13. Jorge Nunez – 24

Luckily for Allison Iraheta, Kris gave her the best song of the night instead of one of the worst. Give In To Me proved to be the best of the night. Adam’s thought-provoking Black or White also gave him a high spot. And certainly, the dirtied up Dirty Diana worked wonders for Alexis Grace. While the others gave good performances, two gave the worst performances of the night and had to be cut from this point. Anoop’s dismal performance of Beat It, which Allison was supposed to sing, landed him in 12th while Jorge’s Never Gonna Say Goodbye was pretty much as bad so both Jorge Nunez and Anoop Desai leave us this week. At least America got it right with Jorge but this also means that 6th place Anoop leaves us earlier than expected.

TOP 11: Grand Ole Opry Week

  1. Kris Allen – 76
  2. Allison Iraheta – 69
  3. Felicia Barton* – 62
  4. Danny Gokey – 58
  5. Ricky Braddy* – 58
  6. Adam Lambert – 51
  7. Jun’ot Joyner* – 45
  8. Alexis Grace – 44
  9. Lil Rounds – 37
  10. Kristen McNamara* – 36
  11. Scott Macintyre – 34

Without Matt Giraud or Anoop Desai this week, the group turned in with lackluster performances. This makes Kris Allen have his very first moment in the camp with To Make You Feel My Love. Allison’s Blame It On Your Heart does do her some justice as she takes 2nd honors. But because of the low performance ratings, even Felicia Barton’s So Small works wonders and lands her in 3rd. Our bottom three however consists of Lil Rounds with her sad performance of Independence Day, Kristen McNamara and her rootin’ tootin’ karaoke rendition of Ain’t Goin’ Down ’til the Sun Comes Up and Scott Macintyre with Wild Angels. Even though all of which were dismal performances, Scott ends up being last and eliminated 2 weeks earlier than originally planned. And another person will get a decay rate based on the average performances for staying longer than planned, Alexis Grace. Yes, she too was robbed at this point and now deserves to take her rightful place higher in the competition.

TOP 10: MoTown

  1. Adam Lambert – 85
  2. Allison Iraheta – 80
  3. Kris Allen – 68
  4. Alexis Grace* – 60
  5. Felicia Barton* – 55
  6. Danny Gokey – 54
  7. Ricky Braddy* – 51
  8. Lil Rounds – 42
  9. Jun’ot Joyner* – 38
  10. Kristen McNamara* – 29

Adam Lambert doesn’t disappoint as Tracks of My Tears predictably ends up as the highest rated performance so far in camp. In fact, our group 2 top 3 is our top 3 now. What with Allison’s Papa Was A Rolling Stone and Kris’s How Sweet It Is, they couldn’t be anymore better. Lil Rounds and Kristen McNamara both end up in the bottom three again with Heatwave and Blame It On The Sun. Jun’ot Joyner joins them with Ooh Baby Baby but does not get eliminated. We say goodbye to Kristen McNamara.

TOP 9: Top Downloads Week

  1. Kris Allen – 85
  2. Adam Lambert – 69
  3. Allison Iraheta – 55
  4. Danny Gokey – 55
  5. Alexis Grace* – 53
  6. Felicia Barton* – 50
  7. Ricky Braddy* – 46
  8. Lil Rounds – 36
  9. Jun’ot Joyner* – 33

Kris Allen takes the lead again. I mean seriously, don’t you notice it’s either Adam, Kris or Allison who takes the top spot? GO GROUP 2!!! In a lackluster week, only Kris pulls of a 5 star performance in Ain’t No Sunshine. Adam’s bombastic Play That Funky Music works its way to 2nd honors. Don’t Speak and What Hurts the Most ties for 3rd this time around. Lil Rounds however reaches her 3rd time in the bottom three with her nonchalant performance of I Surrender. But then again, maybe she is surrendering. Ricky Braddy takes his first visit to the bottom three with his performance of Elliot Yamin’s Movin’ On. And Jun’ot falters with his reprise of Hey There Delilah, which ultimately eliminates him from camp.

TOP 8: Year You Were Born Week

  1. Adam Lambert – 92
  2. Allison Iraheta – 83
  3. Kris Allen – 49
  4. Alexis Grace* – 46
  5. Danny Gokey – 44
  6. Felicia Barton* – 43
  7. Ricky Braddy* – 40
  8. Lil Rounds – 26

This week, Adam Lambert pulls another showstopper with the brilliantly spooky Mad World. Allison Iraheta also pulls off a moment with I Can’t Make You Love Me. But interestingly, without Anoop or Matt, Kris does take 3rd with his worst performance to date, All She Wants to Do is Dance. The bottom three consists of first-timer Felicia Barton with her rendition of Open Arms, second-timer Ricky Braddy with Billie Jean and for the fourth consecutive time, Lil Rounds with What’s Love Got to Do With It. Needless to say, Lil was turning in week after week failures and the judges didn’t want to save her anymore so she gets the boot two weeks earlier than planned. Good Riddance.

TOP 7: Songs from the Cinema Week

  1. Adam Lambert – 68
  2. Kris Allen – 64
  3. Allison Iraheta – 47
  4. Alexis Grace* – 40
  5. Felicia Barton* – 37
  6. Danny Gokey – 35
  7. Ricky Braddy* – 34

This week is really one of the more boring weeks. Almost everyone picked very dull songs. The best songs really came from Adam who went off-ballad and did Born to be Wild. Kris Allen’s risk of Falling Slowly moves him to 2nd honors. And Allison’s I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing gets a respectable 3rd. Danny Gokey winds up in the bottom three with his very boring rendition of Endless Love together with Felicia with Against All Odds and Ricky with Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman. Weirdly, like Matt in the original who sang the exact same song, Ricky gets the Judge’s Save! Hooray for that Bryan Adams song. HAHAHA. (Seriously, I’m running out of songs to give Ricky and Felicia. This whole making it up thing is hard. The scores are still based on decay though. I bet the people at WhatNotToSing can think up better songs than I can.)

Top 7 REDUX: Disco Week

  1. Kris Allen – 85
  2. Adam Lambert – 78
  3. Allison Iraheta – 70
  4. Danny Gokey – 52
  5. Alexis Grace* – 36
  6. Felicia Barton* – 33
  7. Ricky Braddy* – 30

Kris Allen makes it to the top again finally with his ingenious version of She Works Hard for the Money. Even Adam’s singsong-turned-ballad cry of desperation song, If I Can’t Have You, got its honors as the top three. We also can’t forget the rock edition of Allison with Hot Stuff. These three changed up Disco and got the highest marks. Everyone else stuck to the disco sound. Ricky Braddy like Matt Giraud decides to do Stayin’ Alive. Doesn’t it just fit? HAHAHA. Felicia decides to take on another Donna Summer song, Last Dance. And Alexis Grace does I’m Every Woman. Sadly, because two are eliminated, Felicia makes her last dance and too bad because Ricky doesn’t Stay Alive. Our top 5 consists of everyone from the original except Matt Giraud who is replaced by Alexis Grace.

Isn’t that amazing, once we got to the top 5, everything seemed to be alright. It’s like what we’ve been saying all along. The show didn’t start the way it should have as singers better than others ended up eliminated over lackeys that gave lackluster peformances later on. But the way it will end is fair enough because we have the original top 5 save for Matt. Had Matt performed Who’s Loving You instead of Viva La Vida, we might see Matt go further into this camp. But this is what happens in this ruthless camp…perform badly and you get eliminated just like that. I hope you enjoyed so far. The next blog will showcase the top 5 until the finale so stay tuned. Here’s a recap of the new placings in camp:

13. Jorge Nunez
12. Anoop Desai
11. Scott Macintyre
10. Kristen McNamara
9. Jun’ot Joyner
8. Lil Rounds
7. Ricky Braddy
6. Felicia Barton

Send in your comments now and predict who our Camp Should-a-been American Idol Season 8 will be. Would it be Adam Lambert? Alexis Grace? Allison Iraheta? Danny Gokey? or Kris Allen? Find out in the next blog!




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