Posted by: dcmjlive | June 12, 2009

Camp Should-a-been Predictions: Finals Part 2

When we last left our happy campers, we had already gotten our top 5: Adam Lambert, Alexis Grace, Allison Iraheta, Danny Gokey and Kris Allen. Like the last blog, I pointed out that Alexis Grace is the one to replace Matt Giraud’s place in this simulation prediction series. Had Matt entered the Wild Card, there would be a rehaul of what would take place here but I’m still not sure he would make it this far. Anyway, let’s go back to camp.

Top 5: RatPack Standards Week

  1. Allison Iraheta – Someone to Watch Over Me – 75
  2. Adam Lambert – Feeling Good – 70
  3. Danny Gokey – Come Rain or Come Shine – 66
  4. Kris Allen – The Way You Look Tonight – 58
  5. Alexis Grace* – Fever – 33

This week, it is Allison who gets top honors with her soulful rendition of Someone to Watch Over Me. Adam Lambert’s seductively sexy performance of Feeling Good garners him 2nd honors and unlike the real thing, Adam is NOT in the bottom two. Danny Gokey actually enters the bottom three for the 2nd time here in camp unlike the real thing where he’s never been to the bottom three. Kris Allen also enters for the first time to our bottom three despite a good performance of The Way You Look Tonight. It is only Alexis’ clichéd performance of Fever that is lackluster and this gives her the ouster. In a series of unexpected events, the final four that we had in the original is the same we have this time around. Let’s see what changes can happen using the Camp Should-a-been ruthless system.

Top 4: Rock Week

  1. Adam Lambert & Allison Iraheta – Slow Ride – 86
  2. Adam Lambert – Whole Lotta Love – 82
  3. Allison Iraheta – Cry Baby – 68
  4. Kris Allen – Come Together – 46
  5. Kris Allen and Danny Gokey – Renegade – 33
  6. Danny Gokey – Dream On – 9

Remember the Kris throwing under the bus? The Duets? The Scream? Well, all of these come into play once more. But unlike the results of the real thing, Danny’s A++ for effort cannot save him now. His horrendous scream in Scream Dream On gives him the worst grade ever on the finals stage. Furthermore, not even his duet with Kris can save him. Kris pretty much hangs on by a limb thanks to Danny Gokey. And of course, Adam Lambert takes top honors this time around. So with Danny’s ouster, the top 3 is KRADISON!

Let’s take a moment to just taste this victory:

Kradison! Kradison! Kradison! (Thinks of the Idolatry dream sequence) I Wanna Rock! (Rock!) Rock! (Rock!) Rock! (Rock!) (For more information, visit and search for Idolatry. If you see the red haired dude named Michael Slezak and the Save the Rocker slogan, you know you’ve reached the correct video.) Congratulations by the way to these three for getting signed by 19, Jive and RCA. These three lone survivors from group 2 have proven worthy of being signed, don’t you think?

OK, so Allison Iraheta goes further than expected, can she go further? Re-clarification: From now on, the scores of Allison will be based on a decay of her average.

TOP 3 Week

So should I give you the rankings right away? I don’t want to. Instead, we’ll show you the performance order and each song they performed.

Judge’s Pick:

  1. Allison Iraheta* – So What – 59
  2. Kris Allen – Apologize – 45
  3. Adam Lambert – One – 47

It seems that Kris Allen is in a tough situation. Both Come Together and Apologize have now ranked lower than his worst performance, All She Wants to Do is Dance. What Kris needs in the next round is a miracle to stay in the competition. Allison takes this round with a very fortunate pick from Paula Abdul who decides to stop with the obscure songs. She admits that she wanted to give Allison, Dance Little Sister but after Danny did it in the original, she thought Allison would need a better song. Simon’s gloating doesn’t help Adam much either as Adam gets his lowest performance rating of 47.

Contestant’s Pick

  1. Allison Iraheta* – My Immortal – 66
  2. Kris Allen – Heartless – 85
  3. Adam Lambert – Cryin’ – 65

Well, what do you know? Heartless gives Kris that needed miracle and with such a spectacular performance, it ranks as high as his renditions of Ain’t No Sunshine & She Works Hard for the Money and Adam’s rendition of Tracks of My Tears. This performance is really the moment of the night. Allison decides to take on Evanescence’s My Immortal and gives a respectable 66 almost making a tie with Adam’s Cryin’. So who packs his/her bags and goes home? We rely on averaging for this one. Allison Iraheta gets an average of 62.5. Kris gets 65 and Adam gets 56. In a shocker, we say goodbye to Adam Lambert. Clearly, his performances tonight hurt him and now we are left with the two contenders, Kris Allen and Allison Iraheta.

The question now is, does Allison Iraheta take the throne that she was robbed from or does Kris Allen do a redo of last time and win again? Your questions would be answered in the finale blog of camp should-a-been predictions. Place your bets now, who will win this time around?

(Hopes for some save the rocker points from Michael Slezak for bringing Allison to the finale…) Slezak, please read this blog! HAHAHAHA.



  1. cool blog. haha.

  2. LOL it’s interesting to see your take on this. Can’t wait for the next blog entry 😉

    • Hey aeyelle, the new entry is up! Enjoy the results!

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