Posted by: dcmjlive | June 14, 2009

Camp Should-A-Been Predictions: FINALE

I’m happy that you could join me as I unveil my prediction for the Camp Should-a-been Winner. It’s all come to this momentous night where American Idol Kris Allen is pit against the red-head rocker, Allison Iraheta. All grades of Allison are based on decays of Allison’s grades. No Boundaries had the trickiest method. It came to my attention that Allison’s lowest is close to Adam’s so how she’ll perform would be more comparable to Adam’s. So, let’s see who will win. Are you ready?

Contestant’s Reprise

  1. Allison Iraheta* – I Can’t Make You Love Me – 76
  2. Kris Allen – Ain’t No Sunshine – 88

Well, Kris won the coin toss again (honestly, it’s just easier that way) so he goes second. Allison Iraheta decides to reprise her beautiful performance during Top 8 week. She imbues the same power of the song but doesn’t top the original. However, Kris does another miracle by picking his first highest performance and reprises it to a higher rank. His phrasings and connection became so outstanding that it topples the original.

ROUND 1 Winner: Kris Allen

Simon Fuller’s Choice

  1. Allison Iraheta* – A Change is Gonna Come – 52
  2. Kris Allen – What’s Going On – 51

Allison is given the performance Adam was given in the original and she really gives the song some justice. Kris too made a good acoustic rendition of What’s Going On that doesn’t get the rightful praise it deserves because of Simon Cowell. So pretty much for this round it is pretty much a tie between the two. I think one point isn’t that much to call Allison the winner of the round.


Coronation Song – No Boundaries

  1. Allison Iraheta* – 32
  2. Kris Allen – 25

With a song that really has that melodramatic cheesiness to the umpteenth level, as predicted, the two struggle with it. Allison trying to make the song fit her struggled with pitch. Kris on the other hand was straining his voice too much. In both cases they did bad. But the winner of this round is Allison due to rankings.

ROUND 3 Winner: Allison Iraheta

So if you’ve done your math, you know who the winner is. Let’s do simple edge point comparison. Kris’s edge on the first song is 12. Allison edges Kris in the next two rounds by 1 on the 2nd and 7 on the 3rd. To compare, Kris 11 to Allison 8. And by three points, our winner is


Kris Allen is my predicted winner for WhatNotToSing’s Camp Should-a-been. If you can see, Kris’s and Allison’s scores are so close that in WNTS, Allison could most definitely win. It’s just that with the decay rates I used, Allison lost.

So to recap the rankings here and their original places:

13. Jorge Nunez (13th placer)

12. Anoop Desai (c0-6th placer)

11. Scott Macintyre (8th placer)

10. Kristen McNamara (semi-finalist)

9. Ju’not Joyner (semi-finalist)

8. Lil Rounds (co-6th placer)

7. Ricky Braddy (wildcard semi-finalist)

6. Felicia Barton (semi-finalist)

5. Alexis Grace (11th placer)

4. Danny Gokey (3rd placer)

3. Adam Lambert (runner-up)

2. Allison Iraheta (4th placer)

1. Kris Allen (American Idol)

I hope you enjoyed the simulation with me. Are you happy? sad? bitter? accepting? Any comments? suggestions? violent reactions? Until next week, this is DJ, signing off.



  1. i actually would really have liked to seen alexis be 5th. that would have been nice.

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