Posted by: dcmjlive | June 25, 2009

CSaB Comparing: Wild Card

After correctly predicting the first three, I’m so excited to find out what happens next with our happy campers. The judges are also at camp and they were given a chance to voice out who they thought deserved to go to the top 12. Randy wanted his Indian Anoop Dogg. He probably wants to make an R&B guy version of Jai Ho with him. Kara wanted his Let’s Get It On singer Matt Giraud back as she wanted to “lay down some tracks” with him, if you know what I mean. Simon Cowell wanted Megan Joy because as you know, Simon always goes for beauty against talent when it comes to girls. Look at how he drooled over Bikini Girl, Katrina Darrell. And Paula wanted Leah LaBelle, well because she’s Paula. After informing the judges that both Matt Giraud and Leah LaBelle are not in the Wildcard, the girls cried their sorry asses off.

Well, after that long boring introduction, we go to the WildCard. Here are my predictions:

  1. Anoop Desai – 61
  2. Jun’ot Joyner* – 59
  3. Kristen McNamara* – 52
  4. Scott Macintyre* – 51
  5. Mishavonna Henson* – 47
  6. Megan Joy – 35
  7. Tatiana DelToro – 34
  8. Von Smith – 25

And here are the real results at WhatNotToSing.Com:

  1. Anoop Desai My Prerogative – 61
  2. Jun’ot Joyner* – Hey Paula 59
  3. Scott Macintyre* – Sharp Dressed Man 56
  4. Kristen McNamara* – Tell Me Something Good 53
  5. Mishavonna Henson*– Venus – 48
  6. Megan Joy – Black Horse and the Cherry Tree – 35
  7. Tatiana DelToro – Saving All My Love for You Reprise – 34
  8. Von Smith – Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word– 25

And what do you know, do I know, do you know? I got the last four of the top 13 right. I did a few calculation errors and I will document them at the end of this blog. We go back to the commentary of camp.

Anoop Desai instead of being the surprise 13th member of the Top 12 13, he is first to be selected by none other than Randy Jackson. After his suck-up song to Paula, Ju’not also gains a spot in the top 13. Man, that girl is easily swayed. Simon Cowell delivers his decision next and puts in Scott. Simon warns him though that even if he was chosen, he wouldn’t win American Idol. He would have chosen Megan but then he remembered that Megan didn’t care so he shut her off. So Kara was distraught that she didn’t get to choose and argued that in the original, they did have 13, so why can’t they have that now. The camp counselors had to give her a chance so she chose Kristen McNamara. Her reason is that losing her last time meant that Simon Cowell was right and so to prove Simon wrong, she instinctively picks her.

But then again, the judges now have to abide by camp rules lest they are forced to lose their jet priviledges after camp is over and have to climb mountains and weather some hurricanes.

So now we have the top 13 that I predicted exactly last time. What were my minor mistakes? Firstly, I didn’t decay Scott’s score but rather averaged the previous song and the Michael Jackson song together. This led to Scott being fourth instead of third. Lastly, my scores for Mishavonna and Kristen are one point lower than what really happened at camp. Nevertheless, these mistakes did NOT affect predictions and this is my fourth time in a row to get things right. Let’s see next time if I can do it again!


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