Posted by: dcmjlive | June 26, 2009

CSaB Comparing: Top 13 Michael Jackson Week

Isn’t it anticlimactic that the day WNTS releases the results of MJ Week at Camp Should-a-been, our icon passes away? So before we start, I quote Kris Allen, the avid MJ fan:

This is one of those moments in time you will never forget

I agree. But we must get back to camp. When we last left, we had the top 13 completed. To keep it short and simple due to the passing away of this great icon, I go straight to my predictions before:

  1. Allison Iraheta – 82
  2. Adam Lambert – 81
  3. Alexis Grace – 77
  4. Lil Rounds – 74
  5. Danny Gokey – 72
  6. Felicia Barton* – 69
  7. Ricky Braddy* – 65
  8. Kris Allen – 56
  9. Ju’not Joyner* – 52
  10. Kristen McNamara* – 43
  11. Scott Macintyre – 39
  12. Anoop Desai – 25
  13. Jorge Nunez – 24

And here is what really happened:

  1. Allison Iraheta – Give in to Me –  82
  2. Adam Lambert – Black or White – 81
  3. Alexis Grace – Dirty Diana – 77
  4. Lil Rounds – The Way You Make Me Feel – 74
  5. Danny Gokey – PYT –  72
  6. Felicia Barton* – ABC – 68
  7. Ricky Braddy* – Superstition – 65
  8. Kris Allen – Remember the Time – 56
  9. Ju’not Joyner* – Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’ – 53
  10. Kristen McNamara* – Butterflies – 47
  11. Scott Macintyre – Keep the Faith – 39
  12. Anoop Desai – Beat It – 25
  13. Jorge Nunez – Never Can Say Goodbye – 24

Well, what do you know, I got it exactly right with just a few point differences. Felicia’s was just a point higher, Ricky’s was right on mark, Ju’not’s was a point lower. The only wrong score is Kristen who is 4 points lower. But then again, I got the rankings correctly. That’s all that’s important.

It’s interesting that everyone gave really good performances save for our bottom three of course. While writing this comparison blog, I’m actually listening to the top of the night’s Allison Iraheta’s Give In To Me. I’m basically doing this in memoriam of Michael Jackson. Adam’s and Alexis’ songs follow Allison’s. Even our winner, Kris Allen, got a respectable 3-star rating. I just laughed that Felicia chose a song she’d sing to her son. Felicia, you ROCK! Ricky surprisingly reprised his WildCard performance here since instead of having to go through WildCard, went directly to the finals. And furthermore, I’m more surprised that Ricky was able to get this MJ cover cleared. Our other two semi-finalists turned finalists in camp also delivered good solid 3-star ratings. Because of the high ratings, Scott had to be in the bottom three. I’m feeling really sad for the guy as he’s been played around with wardrobe.

So Anoop murdered Beat It and Jorge butchered Never Can Say Goodbye. The judges wanted Anoop to be saved but thought it was too early. So sorry Anoop, I know you like MJ and all but you have to go.

Since Kristen McNamara’s score is significantly different from mine, I will give my predictions for the next few weeks until she gets eliminated:

Top 11 – 36 > 41 (bottom two > bottom three)
Top 10 – 29 > 35

Well…she still gets eliminated at the Top 10. So yeah, not much changes… except in the Top 11 where Kristen’s score would most probably beat Lil’s. But other than that, I don’t feel the need to significantly change the rankings of Felicia, Ricky and Ju’not. So let’s all sing the goodbye song to Anoop and Jorge:

Beat IT! Beat IT! Just go on and beat it!

5 consecutive correct predictions of who will leave and proceed. Let’s see if I’m right all the way. 🙂


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