Posted by: dcmjlive | June 30, 2009

CSaB Comparing: Top 9 Week

Another sunny day in camp and it’s my favorite night on Camp Should-a-been…KRIS ALLEN… I mean…uh…sorry…TOP DOWNLOADS NIGHT! And in preparation for the gala, the campers all pitched-in to make Kris a new keyboard because someone… is stealing the camper’s stuff. You can check the details on what the piano is composed of in but I’d have to say the campers built one heck of a piano. So let’s go to my revised predictions:

TOP 9: Top Downloads Week

  1. Kris Allen – 85
  2. Adam Lambert – 69
  3. Allison Iraheta – 55
  4. Danny Gokey – 55
  5. Alexis Grace* – 53
  6. Felicia Barton* – 50
  7. Ricky Braddy* – 50
  8. Jun’ot Joyner* – 37
  9. Lil Rounds – 36

And the results:

TOP 9: Top Downloads Week

  1. Kris Allen – Ain’t No Sunshine 85
  2. Adam Lambert – Play that Funky Music 69
  3. Allison Iraheta – Don’t Speak 55
  4. Danny Gokey – What Hurts the Most 55
  5. Alexis Grace* – Dirty 53
  6. Felicia Barton* – Let’s Stay Together 49
  7. Ricky Braddy* – Let’s Stay Together 49
  8. Jun’ot Joyner* – Hey There Delilah 38
  9. Lil Rounds – I Surrender 36

DJ, you did it again! I’m on hot steamy fire that’s burstin’ from a hot lava bomb! I mean, after revising…ahem…your rankings of course. And of course, thanks to the campers, Kris Allen comes up on top as expected! I mean, the song never gets old! Kris is one masterclass you can’t destroy. He’s a silent storm rushing to become a hurricane that would traverse the mountains or something like that. In short, he gave the best performance on a boring night.

Adam of course got the 2nd highest rating for the most karaoke song of all time. Allison gets 3rd completing Kradison yet again for the top 3 with her better rendition of Don’t Speak as compared to that Gwen Stefani girl. And Alexis thought it was the perfect time to DIRTY it up even more but alas, the judges still wanted MORE.

In the end, we got Felicia and Ricky in the bottom three doing their second duet adequately named “Let’s Stay Together”. We all know that they’ll also leave together but sshhhh people might think it’s rigged. Ju’not is in for the 2nd time but like my recent prediction, he outlasts my original one. It’s Little…I mean…Small…I mean Minute…I mean Lil Rounds who leaves us tonight…but it seems she has surrendered to a spa as she’s nowhere to be found!

And am I getting this creepy feeling that the swan songs are literally swan songs. Jorge could never say goodbye as he left. Anoop just beat it. Scott was taken by what must’ve been Wild Angels. Kristen reminisces about when she’s gone. And Lil, just surrendered. What will Jun’ot sing? What disco duet will be Felicia and Ricky’s swan song? What ratpack-jazzy song would Alexis say goodbye to.

Well we know Danny would be dreaming on…and that Adam would be the one who’ll be cryin’…

Anyway, I’m sure to blog earlier tomorrow. Bye!


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