Posted by: dcmjlive | July 1, 2009

CSaB Comparing: Top 8 Week

I was wrong, so Anoop was being blamed for all those klepto instances in camp. Sorry Noop Dawg. You’re cool in my books. Pesky Simon Cowell trying to start a fight. (♪So so what, I am a rock star, I got my rock moves and I don’t need you and guess what, I’m having more fun♪) But anyway, we’ll go with Year You Were Born Week starting with my predictions:

  1. Adam Lambert – 92
  2. Allison Iraheta – 83
  3. Kris Allen – 49
  4. Alexis Grace* – 46
  5. Danny Gokey – 44
  6. Felicia Barton* – 43
  7. Ricky Braddy* – 43
  8. Jun’ot Joyner* – 33

And the results:

  1. Adam Lambert – Mad World 92
  2. Allison Iraheta – I Can’t Make You Love Me 83
  3. Kris Allen – All She Wants to Do is Dance 49
  4. Alexis Grace* – Naughty Girls (Need Love to) 48
  5. Danny Gokey – Stand by Me 44
  6. Ricky Braddy* – Leather and Lace 44
  7. Felicia Barton* – Leather and Lace 44
  8. Jun’ot Joyner* Oh No 34

Woot! I predicted it right again! (♪Coz I’m on fire! Quenched by Desire! Give in to me.♪) For the third consecutive show, Kradison takes the top spot. If only the three could always sing trios like Ricky and Felicia keep doing duets. HAHAHA. And the two could really do duets because their birthyears follow each other. Lucky them right? No, because they wound yet again in the bottom three. So does Danny Gokey for his first time ever (He never was in the bottom three to our dismay in the original…) I love the blue ahem…cellphone lighting that they used for Mad World. It’s what brought out Simon as the sabotager. I guess he’s sabotaged his own credibility. Go back to X factor you douche…I mean…highly paid executive.

That leaves us with Ju’not whose one real song has pushed him further than 7th placer, Lil Rounds. Congrats Ju’not. As to scores, I was off by 1-2 points which isn’t at all bad. Anyway, that’s it. Enjoy the next installment of CSaB Comparing tomorrow.


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