Posted by: dcmjlive | July 3, 2009

CSaB Comparing: Top SIX Week

Thanks to the non-existent save, we finally get a top SIX. I mean, when I wrote the critique blogs of Idol, one of my tags read top 7.1 for Disco Week. One number we didn’t get to see is Top TWELVE week. But oh well, it happens. Since it’s the famous disco night, the judges were given earplugs just in case they can’t stand the atrocity of the songs. They didn’t have to use it though… Here are my predictions:

  1. Kris Allen – 85
  2. Adam Lambert – 78
  3. Allison Iraheta – 70
  4. Alexis Grace* – 39
  5. Felicia Barton* OR Ricky Braddy* – 35

And what really happened?

  1. Kris Allen – She Works Hard for the Money 85
  2. Adam Lambert – If I Can’t Have You 78
  3. Allison Iraheta – Hot Stuff – 70
  4. Alexis Grace* – Bad Girls 38
  5. Ricky Braddy* – Breaking Up is Hard to Do 35
  6. Felicia Barton* Breaking Up is Hard to Do 35

Well, disco week wasn’t even disco night anymore. In fact, I didn’t hear one trace of the boogie down vibe. Without Ms. Lil with her karaoke I’m Every Woman, Mr. Anoop with his Dim All the Lights, and Sir Matt with his Stayin’ Alive, the night became a variety show of different genres. Kradison takes the top spot yet again for the umpteenth time in a row. Seriously, 5th time…but why am I still counting? Kris leads the pack with his rock/folk version of She Works Hard for the Money complete with bongos and “the box” made from drift wood near camp. Kris was actually sporting red hair here. Adam was sporting jeans that were artistically torn and too short for him by 6 inches while Allison was wearing guyliner, black hair and black nailpolish. Adam instead of doing hip and funky went with sad and desperate. His ballad version takes 2nd. Allison with her new look rocked it out with Hot Stuff.

So our bottom three consists of Alexis Grace, Ricky Braddy and Felicia Barton. Alexis had taken Bad Girls and made it punk rock. And the dueteers who knew one of them left performed a heartbreaking broadway Romeo and Juliet-esque like musical ballad, Breaking Up is Hard to Do. You’d even think we were watching So You Think You Can Dance. But one of them had to go and by a margin of 0.17, we say goodbye to Felicia Barton. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! Why did WNTS have to employ Ricky’s performance of Superstition anyway??? It made Felicia’s score decay to a much lower level than Ricky’s!!! But going back, at least from being the top THIRTY-SEVENTH member of the semi-finals, she makes it all the way to SIXTH place. Not bad, not bad at all.

So we know the arrangement of who’ll leave from now. Ricky Braddy leaves us on Rat Pack Night. Alexis Grace leaves us on Rock Week. Adam Lambert leaves us on Top 3 Week. And the final two of KRIS ALLEN and ALLISON IRAHETA is the only thing I’d be excited about because the game is too close to call.

I did some research and the decay is approximately determined by multiplying .9 or .895 to their scores. Even without this, I’ve been pretty much spot on with the decays. It’s amazing really. For reprises, the normal minus is -21. With this knowledge, I’ll show you the computation of Top 3 and the Finale for Allison. I’ll use .9 because it’s easier:

Top 3 Week

Allison Iraheta Song 1: 72.5 x .9 = 65.25
Allison Iraheta Song 2: 62.25 x .9 = 58.725

So with 65 + 59, we get a total of 124. Since we know Kris wins with a total of 130 over Adam’s 112 and that Adam’s is also lower than Allison’s projected, he leaves us here.


Allison Iraheta Reprise of I Can’t Make You Love Me: 83 – 21 = 62
Allison Iraheta MoTown Change-themed Song: 58.725 x .9 = 52.8525
Allison Iraheta No Boundaries: 52.8525 x .9 = 47.56725

So that’s 62 + 53 + 48 = 163. Kris on finale night was: 88 + 51 + 25 = 164. So Kris wins by one point. But this is too close that Allison COULD win. But then again, I haven’t made provisions to lower Allison’s No Boundaries. A score of 48 seems pretty impossible for that ridiculous song so we MIGHT count that to be much lower like 52.8525 x .7 = ~37. And that would still make Allison’s score lower. But they can also change the minus for reprises to -13 and that would make the reprise 70. If both apply, Kris would still win. But if only the reprise applies, Allison would win. This would be a bit more exciting now.

I’ll update Top 5 week next week instead. I wont have internet connection where I’d be going.


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