Posted by: dcmjlive | July 6, 2009

CSaB Comparing: Top 4 Week

One thing I hated about rock week was the lack of originality. Slash totally wanted it to be rock all out. This of course proved taxing to the crew of Camp Should-a-been. But I think it all worked out especially because Simon Fuller got his just deserves. On to the prediction:

  1. Adam Lambert & Allison Iraheta – 86
  2. Adam Lambert – 82
  3. Allison Iraheta – 68
  4. Kris Allen & Alexis Grace* – 60
  5. Kris Allen – 46
  6. Alexis Grace* 30

And the results:

  1. Adam Lambert & Allison Iraheta – Slow Ride – 86
  2. Adam Lambert – Whole Lotta Love 82
  3. Allison Iraheta – Cry Baby 68
  4. Kris Allen – Come Together 46
  5. Kris Allen & Alexis Grace –  Come Sail With Me – 35
  6. Alexis Grace* You Oughta Know 31

So I was wrong with the grade of the duet. But as usual, that doesn’t matter. Of course, the wonder group got the top three spot again while Alexis Grace had to leave us tonight. In all fairness, the duet between Kris and Alexis was much better than the one with Danny. I wonder why it had to be a STYX duet. When Alexis asked Kara in what way to dirty it up more, Kara ripped off her dress to reveal a bikini. We know what that means… Alexis got so mad that she brought her to the tidal mud place thingy. And of course, Adam and Allison gave the 2nd highest rated performance of the season at this point. Congrats to them.

And now for the KRADISON dream sequence…

♪ I wanna rock, rock! Rock, Rock! ♪ ♪Kradison, KRADISON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!♪ WOOT!


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