Posted by: dcmjlive | July 7, 2009

CSaB Comparing: Top 3 Week

When it came down to it, the final three ended up to be the powerhouse sweeping the camp for 7 weeks running. KrAdIson have been beating the competition and it has come down to them finally facing off against each other. What a momentous night this is. We just got Allison Iraheta in her well-deserved spot. Who will go out tonight, here’s my previous predictions:

Judge’s Pick:

  1. Allison Iraheta* – Piece of My Heart – 59
  2. Kris Allen – Apologize – 45
  3. Adam Lambert – One – 47

Contestant’s Pick

  1. Allison Iraheta* – Somebody to Love – 66
  2. Kris Allen – Heartless – 85
  3. Adam Lambert – Cryin’ – 65

Hmm…the songs weren’t right for Allison but the ratings were spot on. I’m amazed at how accurate I’ve made them. Since I’m pretty much spot on…I want to copy paste my commentary from my previous post.

It seems that Kris Allen is in a tough situation. Both Come Together and Apologize have now ranked lower than his worst performance, All She Wants to Do is Dance. What Kris needs in the next round is a miracle to stay in the competition. Allison takes this round with a very fortunate pick from Paula Abdul who decides to stop with the obscure songs. She admits that she wanted to give Allison, Dance Little Sister but after Danny did it in the original, she thought Allison would need a better song. Simon’s gloating doesn’t help Adam much either as Adam gets his lowest performance rating of 47.

Well, what do you know? Heartless gives Kris that needed miracle and with such a spectacular performance, it ranks as high as his renditions of Ain’t No Sunshine & She Works Hard for the Money and Adam’s rendition of Tracks of My Tears. This performance is really the moment of the night. Allison decides to take on Evanescence’s My Immortal and gives a respectable 66 almost making a tie with Adam’s Cryin’. So who packs his/her bags and goes home? We rely on averaging for this one. Allison Iraheta gets an average of 62.5. Kris gets 65 and Adam gets 56. In a shocker, we say goodbye to Adam Lambert. Clearly, his performances tonight hurt him and now we are left with the two contenders, Kris Allen and Allison Iraheta.

For the first time, we’ve come to the very first IDOL FINALE with TWO CANNON FODDERS! This obviously has thwarted the plans of the idol producers. It was sad though that Adam had to fail on a night when his competition were really good. And who would win, man, it’s damn effing close! I can’t really really tell. But with what I speculated, here it is from the previous post:

  1. Allison Iraheta* – I Can’t Make You Love Me – 62
  2. Kris Allen – Ain’t No Sunshine – 88
  1. Allison Iraheta* – A Change is Gonna Come – 53
  2. Kris Allen – What’s Going On – 51

  1. Allison Iraheta* – No Boundaries – 37
  2. Kris Allen – No Boundaries – 25

So will Kris really win based on this…we’ll see…



  1. Allison for the win

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