Posted by: dcmjlive | March 14, 2010

Thoughts About the Top 12

We’re now at the top 12! WOOT! But honestly, it really isn’t until later in the finals that you get a real sense of who’s good or not, who’s forgettable and who’s very much memorable. However, I was very happy that the best top 4 last year made it. Kris, Adam, Danny and Allison is arguably the best top four since season 5. All four good record deals with two apiece for RCA and JIVE. (Although, season 7 is good too… it’s just that Syesha went broadway instead of the album route and Jason Castro is just not getting there.) It’s kinda weird I have no incling towards any of these ones because their performances are so wishy-washy save for a few. I’ll do this alphabetically so I wouldn’t show any bias.

Didi Benami – I could not get over her earlier performances especially Terrified. Problem is with this girl is that she chose better songs before getting to the semis. Her last song was ok but it’s not as good as her songs before especially Terrified. I hope she picks smarter songs as she goes into the finals or she’ll drown to become a Brooke White. If I had a favorite, it would be her…she just needs to pick songs like Terrified.

GRADE: 2.0

Crystal Bowersox – She’s the most consistent and most raved contestant who’s seen as this season’s frontrunner. With constantly solid performances, she might just do a Doolittle…not really win but get near. My sentiments towards her are like towards Adam. I like her but I don’t like her too much because I really root for under dogs.

GRADE: 1.25

Lacey Brown – I fear for this girl. No wonder she was in the seat with Megan Joy (Corkrey) last year. Her last performance was definitely her best but still pretty shaky. She needs to strike a moment quick.

GRADE: 2.5

Lee Dewyze – I see promise in him like I did with Kris. He has that grunge in his voice when he hits the high notes that make for a good recording voice. I honestly could hear him on the radio. But like Alex Lambert who left, he needs to work on the nerves and the song choice. Honestly, Fireflies? His voice can do so much that he shouldn’t sing those types of songs.

GRADE: 1.75

Andrew Garcia – I don’t know if he peaked early but he has the same problem with Didi. He chose good songs like Straight Up before the semis and now that he’s on the idol stage, he’s choosing bad songs…like Genie In A Bottle. He has the same penchant like Kris in stripping songs down but he’s not quite as good as Kris in choosing the songs to strip down.

GRADE: 2.0

Casey James – I’m happy the whole taking his shirt off thing is kinda washing away but the Kara cougar storyline is still there…kinda. Anyway, I thought that he wasn’t a good singer before the semis but he proved me otherwise and showed that he is a solid performer. However, he’s still not as good as the guitarists of last season…

GRADE: 1.25

Aaron Kelly – He’s  acting like a David Archuleta. Young singer, great voice, bad song choices. But on Archie’s defense, Archie did pick a lot of great songs…Aaron…no. I don’t know exactly what Aaron should choose but he has to stick with some genre or some style to really get my vote.

GRADE: 2.25

Michael Lynche – Call me judgmental but Big Mike doesn’t fit his voice. Maybe if he lost some fat? He has a great voice but I didn’t think his last song was THAT good. But I have to commend him for his control and styling. I just don’t see his song choices appeal to me.

GRADE: 1.25

Siobhan Magnus – That note! That note was just amazing. Aside from that, she’s actually all over the place and a mess. I don’t see her as a really good singer because she hasn’t chosen the right songs. But maybe that’ll change if she could do her high runs but be consistent throughout performances.

GRADE: 2.0

Paige Miles – Sincerely, I love her voice. She has a very cool R&B voice with those cool undertones. However, her performance of Smile was definitely a mess because her emotions were too high. If she can tone down her emotional sentiment but give songs their soul, she can definitely go further in the game. But for now, she gets…

GRADE: 2.5

Katie Stevens – Comparable to Aaron Kelly, she’s just too young for the competition and hasn’t found herself. It’s true when you say that Jordin Sparks and David Archuleta are comparable…they just didn’t know who they are. Funny that Jordin did pop while Archie did R&B but after Idol, Jordin did R&B and Archie did pop. Back to Katie, she doesn’t need to tone down the age factor because Allison pulled it off last season. She just needs to connect more to the songs and choose the right ones. She has a big old voice and all she needs to do is use it well.

GRADE: 2.25

Tim Urban – I thought that Tim would also make a Kris Allen. Honestly, why are there  so many guitarists in the finals…*cough* Kris *cough* But unlike Kris, he doesn’t have the natural phrasing and lately, he’s been picking all those spiritual songs. I want to see him rock out or do a not-so-overdone acoustic number without the Christian rock influence. But first, he needs to stop with the falsetto. When he did Apologize, his falsetto was exactly like Kris’s…weak. Good thing Kris knew how to fix that with a great low register, which Tim did not even think of. He needs  to make smarter song choices and really show he can because he’s the worst singer in the competition now.

GRADE: 3.0


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