Posted by: dcmjlive | March 15, 2010

My Disappointments

The last blog evaluated the current top 12 but I saved all my emotion and ranting for this blog. To be truthful and honest, I don’t think we’ve got the right top 12. Last season, I was outraged not to have Felicia Barton in the top 13. And of course, singers like Jesse Langseth, Junot Joyner, Mishavonna Henson, Ricky Braddy and Kristin McNamara were also better candidates than Scott Macintyre, Jasmine Murray, Jorge Nunez and Michael Sarver.

But given that it was one round for everyone, except for the wild cards, it was expected. People like them didn’t get the chance to build loyal fan bases. And hey, it might not have given Kris Allen and Allison Iraheta a chance to jump the top 12…err 13 boat almost instantly. But given their strengths, they would have gotten to the top 13 nonetheless.

Anyway, back to Season 9, I’m really sad that a lot of good contestants were cut because of either lack of exposure or splitting of fanbases. I’ll list down my list starting from the one I’ll miss the most.

Katelyn Epperly – Man, she’s my Felicia Barton of the season. The Scientist was an awesome song for Katelyn because it proved she had potential for at least a top 5 spot. It was just very sincere and I’d miss those kind of performances. Don’t worry Katelyn, you’ll pull off a Felicia Barton in Camp-Should-a-Been! She would have made a great mainstream-indie artist.

Alex Lambert – Well here’s a Lambert that I would have rooted for. (Like I said, I go for underdogs and the other one wasn’t but he sure was great.) Like Slezak said, this guy had the most UNIQUE voice in the group. A little honing here and there with the potential for awesome phrasing like Kris Allen and he would have been the guy to beat. Damn, he shouldn’t have gone so early.

Michelle Delamore – I would have preferred her over Paige Miles honestly. She has a very nice tone to her instrument and is definitely more in tune than Paige is. She and Ashley Rodriguez I thought had potential chops to  become the next Alicia Keys or Leona Lewis. Ashley however failed to show that on the big idol stage. She also lacked the great song choices to make her the next Kelly Clarkson.

Joe Munoz – Oh come on. You say who this guy is? He’s a guy that delivered a solid Man in the Mirror in Hollywood Week and an interesting version of You And I. Here’s what I want to tell the producers, do not under promote a person and make them cannon fodder to promote your preordained favorites like Aaron Kelly and Katie Stevens.

Lilly Scott – Well, I personally don’t like the girl but she’s leap and bounds what Katie and Aaron have to offer. A good indie artist would have done wonders for the idol stage and would have created moments Katie and Aaron could barely do.

Angela Martin – I hate it when they exhaust a sob story just for ratings and then cut a genuinely good singer like Angela Martin but bring in Paige Miles. (Hahaha, I know I love Paige Miles’s voice but only her voice. She hasn’t delivered yet to me. Contradictory is it? I don’t think so.) It’s obvious that they chose Paige to be cannonfodder and yet she’s in the Top 12…grr. I want real R&B artists on the idol stage even if historically, they don’t do quite well. (Looks at season 8 where R&B singers Anoop Desai and Lil Rounds finished 6th.)

Jermaine Purifoy – I mean why bring in Todrick Hall and Jermaine Sellers. I don’t like bad attitude Jermaine  who thinks he’s such a Gospel singer. You know what Jermaine Sellers, I also like your voice but I hate your singing. Actually, it’s weird for me to say I like a voice but I hate the singing because those are two connected things. But back to Jermaine Purifoy, I think he dellivered better renditions in Hollywood Week then Jermaine Sellers. It really is the wrong Jermaine in the Semi-finals and it was justice to have him cut.

My They-Do-Not-Deserve-To-Be-There List

Katie Stevens – OK, so Tim Urban may be the worst singer but Katie is who I feel is the least deserving. Forget that the judges said that she could win the whole season. She is no Kelly Clarkson or Allison Iraheta. The visual lack of any emotion being put into the song is clearly blatant with this girl. I mean come on, Allison was able to sing an old song and connect to it but this girl with her big voice can’t pull of scratch. I wish Katelyn Epperly took her place.

Aaron Kelly – I never liked the dude even in his auditions. Any guy who likes singing Miley’s The Climb is on my hate list. Wait, let me rephrase, any person who likes singing that song is on my hate list. (See: Haeley Vaughn…good thing she got cut) He has a big voice sure but not a unique and distinct one. I wish Alex Lambert took his place.

Paige Miles – Again, I love her voice but the girl doesn’t know what to do. If she could pull off a And I Am Telling You, I’ll sail back to her side but until then, she doesn’t deserve to be in that top 12. Her voice sure has potential but I wish her going to the top 12 wasn’t the reason Katelyn did not get in. I wish Michelle Delamore took her place.

Tim Urban – Well, I did like his rendition of Come Back to Me although a lot of you don’t agree. I actually do see promise in this guy but I might get bored if he takes the Scott Macintyre route and does the same genre over and over again…aka Christian Rock. At least something that I like about this guy is that he can put emotion to his singing but his phrasing is not there yet. I wish Joe Munoz took his place…

And well, I’m done ranting. I wish America chose better singers but oh well…



  1. Paige will win your vote. She did have an off week, which still was not as bad as some of the others but I feel she will really step up her game now. She has such a great strong powerful voice. The judges know that, they brought her to be the show stopper and she will be soon enough *TEAM PAIGE*

    • Well, she shouldn’t have chosen a song that makes her goes to tears. It’s suicide. I do believe she still has the ability to go far in the competition but she might end up like a Lil Rounds with no longevity in the game. For now, I say she doesn’t deserve it but who knows, she might win my heart.

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