Posted by: dcmjlive | March 26, 2010

Deviation: Clash of the Titans – Rob VS Russel

Well, I’m not going to do idol because I had a rough week. But now that the week has somewhat subsided, I got to watch Survivor. Instead of a stress reliever, it turned out to be something I need to vent about. One thing though, I know Paige Miles left and that the contestants sucked so I’m glad I wasn’t able to watch everyone. Not a good week for reality TV yet again actually. Or not really in Survivor.

Well if there are a few contestants who I’d say have a logical backbone that if matched with another, you’ll be having a teeter-totter of a power struggle. In the game of survivor, only a few have that kind of backing. Wildly enough, they’re on the same tribe and fighting it out ala battle royale. It sucks that I have to like one of them.

Anyway here is how it went down:

1. Rob plots to flush the idol by making Russel think they’re voting him but they’re really voting out Parv.
2. Russel is warned by Rob that if he doesn’t have the idol, he’s out making him think that Rob is playing with him and is actually voting  for Parv.
3. Rob then reverses the situation yet again by doing the famous split vote trick. To flush an idol right, you have to split the vote. If the idol is played, then vote splits to whoever Team Russel chooses and whoever did not use the idol between Russel and Parvati. If the idol is not played, the vote splits between the person Team Russel chooses, Russel and Parvati. Either way, it would lead to a revote and whoever didn’t have the idol is out.

But in a twisted scheme, Russel plays a wild card move and tells Tyson that he’s voting Parvati. Tyson thought then that if Russel is voting for Parvati, he’d use the idol for himself. But because of that line of insane overthinking, he forgot these points:

1. Russel can ALWAYS save Parvati if he had the immunity idol. He wasn’t  watching out for that, even if they had the biggest suspicion.
2. If Russel did vote for Parvati, why would he need to vote for Parvati. In a nutshell, the vote would be:

Parvati – Russel, Jerri, Courtney, Coach
Russel – Rob, Sandra
Tyson – Danielle, Parvati

He wouldn’t have needed to vote for Parvati because Russel alone could have drove Parvati out. If he had any doubts in his mind that Russel would not vote (and he did, showing in his vote), he shouldn’t have forgotten keypoint number 1. Had he, he should have stuck to the plan and won.

In short, he was overthinking it too much, he forgot the single most important detail that he made the stupidest move in idol history.

But I don’t know but Russel’s twisted logic pulled through and he won the battle…and it might spell trouble now for Boston Rob.

Why you ask? Doesn’t he have 5vs3?

Not really, the episode revealed that Coach, being a man of his word, would not be able to decide who to vote out when the time comes it would be Rob VS Russel.

As seen, now Rob sees Russel as too much of a threat instead of Parvati. And since Rob would target Russel, it isn’t rocket science that Russel would target Rob. (And yes, I’m using Tyson’s famous words that it’s not rocket science and yet he deviated from the not rocket science easy logic just to get himself booted out.) With that, what are the potential problems?

Given that Coach would be undecided, he would most likely target Parvati. Ok, so it’s now 4vs3 right? But what if Russel uses this to his advantage (more than Rob because Rob doesn’t know about the Russel-Coach deal but Russel knows that Coach is playing with Rob)? Knowing Russel has a twisted way of swaying people, I think Russel might get Rob eliminated.

And if Rob does get eliminated, I’ll be seeing one of my favorites go again immaturely. Speaking of immature send-offs, Colby leaving would be another one. Colby staying however has its repercussions.

Either Rob or Russel could figure out (as I  would because I know they’re tons smarter than me) that since Colby is in outs with the alliance, they can pull him to go against the heroes post merge. That would give the villains numbers and most likely eliminate the heroes tribe leaving the villains + Colby.

See how twisted this game could be?

For idol-survivor fans like me, you’ll get a mini-teaser:

I’m grading one of the risk takers higher than the glass blower. OK fine, the scream of Siobhan is a channeling of Adam Lambert. It’s made clear to me that I don’t like Siobhan anymore but wouldn’t mind if she won either (like Adam).


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