Posted by: dcmjlive | March 31, 2010

Top 10 Week: R&B

First of all, I’ll keep this blog short and simple. One of the things that I need to get off my chest, this is actually my favorite genre. Because of this, it’s either you do it well or do it badly. And sorry, I wouldn’t do the top 10 anymore. It wasn’t a good week so why would I bother?

Siobhan Magnus – Through the Fire

Honestly, honestly? That sucked. Firstly, the screeching has got to go. Furthermore, it was pitchy all over the place and she failed to nail those high notes. Simply put, if you feel a risk is not going to work, don’t do it. You butchered one of my favorite songs dude. Worst performance of the night.

GRADE: 5.0

Casey James – Hold On I’m Comin’

It’s technically the same Casey but showing off a better range. Actually, I enjoyed it but I was still looking for more. He should be able to command the stage come the following weeks or else.

GRADE: 1.5

Michael Lynche – Ready for Love

MAN, that was HOTT!!! I mean smokin’. For me, it had a very Adam Lambert Mad World feel. It was just so ethereal. I felt it. That was just one really good performance.

GRADE: 1.0

Didi Benami – What Becomes of the Brokenhearted

My Didi, where are you? Kara is unbelievably correct. I don’t know where Didi went. She keeps getting older and more cabaret. And although she started, well okay, it ended horrendous. I mean, come back Didi. I miss you. Didi needs to go to either the Terrified route or Play With Fire route. To be truthful, the song is really not suited for Didi. If I were to recommend a song she should have done, I would have said Umbrella.

GRADE: 5.0

Tim Urban – Sweet Love

One of my favorite songs and you know what, he didn’t do bad. I mean he was actually good. It was just a bit devoid of emotion. Just a bit.

GRADE: 2.0

Andrew Garcia – Forever

There are parts where his inflections just suck. That’s inflection wise. I wouldn’t say he did great though. I would say the arrangement though is stellar. He just sang it…uh, in a weird way. But it was good nonetheless.

GRADE: 1.5

Katie Stevens – Chain of Fools

Woah, that wasn’t half-bad. Actually, that was a stellar vocal. I like Katie now. That was really good. Just a little more and she could actually do well now. Honestly, I enjoyed it.

GRADE: 1.5

Lee DeWyze – Treat Her Like A Lady

This is easily the best performance of the night. Lee didn’t hold back in this one and he really did a good job. His vocals were spot on and I see a more confident Lee. And you know who he reminds me of, a more refined and more controlled Taylor Hicks. He just gave enough. Hmm, dunno what to compare this performance to though.

GRADE: 1.0

Crystal Bowersox – Midnight Train to Georgia

Man, first Lynche then DeWyze and now another great peformance from Bowersox. Well not as good as Kris’s Ain’t No Sunshine, but that was still STELLAR! I love how it started and when she stood up, she commanded the stage well. I’m excited for her now.

GRADE: 1.0

Aaron Kelly – Ain’t No Sunshine

Funny I had to mention Kris prematurely because well, doing Kris Allen is suicide. LOL at Simon saying he heard it been sung so many times brilliantly when only Kris sang it throughout the idol run…twice. Well, Christina Christian also sang it in season 1, Top 7 night and that’s such a long time ago. I mean a long time ago. So actually, Simon MUST be referring to Kris. So back to Aaron, yeah, doing a Kris Allen moment is suicide. Even the “I know” part where he sang it in a loop was made popular by Kris when he performed here in the Philippines. So if you sing that on the idol stage, you have got to kill it. And he didn’t. He just didn’t. He gave a COMPETENT version but nothing LIKE Kris.

GRADE: 2.0


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