Posted by: dcmjlive | April 3, 2010

Deviation: Battle RobVSRussell over… :(

What did I tell you, if there was one or two villains that would make Rob go, it would be Jerri and Coach. What did I tell you…

That being said, I’m sad Boston Rob lost. Besides the weak links of Coach and Jerri, what really did decide this loss is Tyson’s screwing up. Told you that the domino effect would happen.

And I have to give it to Russell, he played his cards wrong and scored big time. If this were Texas Hold’em, and you made a bad all-in but still won the pot, that would definitely be called a Hantz in my book.

So in truth, the great Russell did NOT cause Rob’s demise. Tyson and Coach did, two of Boston Rob’s supposedly greatest allies. In this horrendous twist, all I can say is, good luck Hantz, but man, you’re not going to win.


Looking back at the episode, what happened in the Villains tribe is what happened to the Heroes tribe at the start. It’s just that the alliances got into everyone’s brains. In both tribes, the main issue became loyalty to the alliance vs loyalty to the tribe. Because of the egos in the heroes tribe, they chose alliance over tribe.

For the past few survivor seasons, one thing was proven…


Having alliances early game would just destroy the tribe. Look what happened to the heroes before they finally decided to vote James out. They were gunning the stronger members of the tribe aka Steph and Tom over weaker members like Cirie and Amanda. This caused the heroes to lose in puzzles. Truth of the fact is, you need a level head if you’re going to do puzzles. The team with the least anxiety has the best chances at puzzles.

This is constantly proven by the season. When the Villains were united as a tribe, Rob was able to do the puzzles with ease but as lines grew within the tribe, Rob lost his cool. The reverse happened with the heroes. With Rupert firmly separating himself from the oldies (Colby, Tom and Steph) and forming an alliance with the Micronesia team (James, Cirie and Amanda), tension brewed. But after choosing to remove James, the Heroes tribe became more unified thus being able to beat the Villains at the challenge. Call it a cosmic shift.

The battle of the egos is best left AFTER the merge. Coach was definitely right with that. What just hurt is that Coach was gunning for Rob’s alliance, which put Rob in a precarious situation. Further, he couldn’t waiver his loyalty from Jerri after Jerri said that she 100% trusts only him. If only he said, I’m not with you to Russell, it would have moved Jerri to Coach’s side. Rob was right, Coach was a little man.

Coach had good points. But since no one wants to budge, he should have taken sides. Had he taken a side, Rob would not have left. If Coach wanted to be with Rob in the final 2, he should have done the smart thing and voted with him. Voting for Courtney was just wishful thinking that the tribe would erase alliances first and keep the tribe strong first. Had Coach voted with Rob, Jerri would have voted with Coach and Russell would have left. 😦 OK, so I’m biased towards Rob, I get it. Probst is too.

Coach could have gone with loyalty but he didn’t. Now, I’m actually interested to see how the tribe falls apart. And my guess to who would be the war’s casualty:


Tyson dug a deep grave for himself, Rob and Coach. Coach again was right when he said that Tyson was a bridge that unified the tribe. Suddenly, I wish this is how the lines were drawn last episode:

Russell – Rob, Sandra, Courtney
Parvati – Jerri, Coach, Tyson

If it were that way, had Hantz moved into Tyson, Tyson wouldn’t be forced to change vote but ask someone else. By asking someone else, Rob would have known and told him to stick to the plan. That way, Russell would have been out last episode, Parv this episode and Danielle in the next.

If that were the case, I was hoping post merge, Rob-Jerri-Sandra-Rupert-Colby make the oldies alliance and dominate against the newbies. I hate what could have beens… 😦


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