Posted by: dcmjlive | April 4, 2010

American Idol: The Season thus Far

We’re down to the top 9 but we’re still swimming in mediocrity. I think a lot of the ones that had real potential especially the newly cut, Didi Benami, got eaten up by the competition. They’re there to win it so much that they lost sight of who they are. It sucks though that Didi just didn’t have the chance to prove that again while Andrew Garcia is slowly creeping up to do just that.

Here are my critiques on each person:

1. Crystal Bowersox – She’s really proving to be A LOT like Kris Allen. I think that’s where her appeal comes from. It really is Kris that opened that door for her to shine. And she played a bold move when she played piano this week as its the same bold move Kris did when he put down his guitar and played Ain’t No Sunshine for the first time.

(Heads up to Simon, yes, that was the first time after season 1 that Ain’t No Sunshine was sung. And yes, he did sing it brilliantly twice on the idol stage. Isn’t it uncanny that the current favorite also sounds like Kris…Crystal? hmm…)

Back to Crystal, she just needs to keep wowing us with her arrangements, which sadly aren’t acknowledged enough. Maybe because there’s backlash that when someone does a brilliant arrangement, they end up winning the show. But Crystal hasn’t really been giving Kris or Adam level performances but she’s really close.

2. Lee DeWyze – He could well be should I dare to say it…the next David Cook. But like Crystal, he hasn’t reached the level of either Kris or David yet. They’ve come really close though.

to be continued…


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