Posted by: dcmjlive | April 7, 2010

Top 9 Week: Lennon and McCartney

Given that this is a week Kris Allen would love, I wish that this week would have been present in that season. But more on Kris later because there were a few performances that would inevitably be compared to some of his renditions. I’m sort of glad that the two who decided to pick songs Kris did are frontrunners but uhm… later on that.

A note on Camp Should-a-been, it’ll be interesting to note how it goes, especially after last week… I’ve been tracking it early and there’ll be some shockers in the way so don’t you miss that when this season ends.

OK, down to business…

Aaron Kelly – The Long and Winding Road

Hmm…I think instead of the song being perfect for Aaron, Aaron was perfect for the song…in a bad way. His rendition seemed to me like a long and winding road and I was hoping for it to escalate emotionally… And it didn’t. I think it was just a very lazy and not well-thought performance.

GRADE: 4.0

Katie Stevens – Let it Be

Well, with Didi gone, this opens the opportunity for Katie to actually sing this song. I would have to say that she finally learned to connect to the song. I don’t know but I think that song needed more country to be a bit perfect. She finally got soul into the song though but with some country stylings, it would have been amazing. Not a bad vocal though.

GRADE: 1.5

Andrew Garcia – Can’t Buy Me Love

I’m not digging the arrangement. Plus, I think bandzilla did overcome him as he was defeated by it. It just didn’t work for me. Plus, he’s been really sharp on his notes and it felt to me that he was saying some poem rather than singing a song. It lacked some swagger and confidence saying, no you can’t buy me love.

GRADE: 3.0

Michael Lynche – Eleanor Rigby

Big Mike is definitely bringing his soul on. I don’t know but it really pales in comparison to David Cook’s version. Boo at me all you like but I wasn’t totally feeling this one. And at times, he did feel sharp and out of tune.

GRADE: 1.75

Crystal Bowersox – Come Together

I’m personally a fan of Crystal but I don’t think the song suited her. It’s the same as how the song didn’t suit Kris Allen. Crystal and Kris are singers who could attack songs with great messages and make it their own but when singing a song that has joo joo eyeballs and butterfinger, you kinda say…what? And I just think most of the performance, she was awfully sharp and out of tune. I don’t know, at least Kris was in tune.

GRADE: 2.5

Tim Urban – All My Loving

Hmm…can I just say? Beatles week suits this Beatles looking guy. I mean, he’s got the look, he’s got the guitar and he’s really busting a good rendition of All My Loving. It for me is the perfect song choice for him and it suited both his voice and range perfectly. I felt it was a smoother performance than usual and none of his high notes seemed forced. Great job.

GRADE: 1.25 (Am I really giving Tim this while I give Crystal a 2.5?)

Casey James – Jealous Guy

Casey decided to choose a song that no one has sung yet on the idol stage. He also chose a song that not so many know as compared to the songs that the other idols picked. Furthermore, he decided to go off-route from his normal up-tempo, electric-guitar-swinging songs. It was the first time in a long time that he didn’t feel so stiff. It was a first time in a long time that he felt natural. I was simply magnetized by this performance. It was really endearing and it felt so organic. This performance is leaps and bounds better than Tim Urban’s but since I have no other higher grade to give:

GRADE: 1.0

Siobhan Magnus – Across the Universe

This song of Siobhan is finally something we haven’t heard from her since House of the Rising Sun. And I would have to say that this is my favorite performance of hers since then. It was great not to hear her scream at me and I was almost drawn to it as I was with Casey. This felt at par with Tim’s so:

GRADE: 1.25

Lee DeWyze – Hey Jude

One word: WEIRD. I don’t know what to feel out of the performance. It started smooth until he broke that high note, which brought out his raspy core. But I just felt that when he started bringing all the high notes and the rasp to his voice, it didn’t feel right with the arrangement. What’s more is, even if Lee is one of my favorites, it felt disconnected from the song. It became even more awkward as those bagpipes descended from the stairs and I was saying, what the heck is happening. Lastly, it’s something that Kris Allen did during tour and he brought justice to it’s emotional core. This just felt like Lee showing his voice, which I normally like and singing  a song like some drunk fool.

GRADE: 2.5

So yeah, this was a weird week for me. It’s a week that Didi Benami would have killed and sadly she didn’t make it to this great genre. I felt it weird that there was a disconnect between me and my favorites and an even weirder connect with those who up until now, didn’t think deserved to be in the top 3.

So my top three performances of the night are Casey, Siobhan and Tim and my least favorite are Aaron, Andrew, Crystal and Lee.

*cough*Some of my top performers for the night didn’t even make it to this round of the competition in Camp Should-a-Been*cough*


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