Posted by: dcmjlive | April 9, 2010

Coach Out

Since  I’ve been blogging about it for the past weeks, I’m going to make Survivor a mainstay on this blog as well. And again, for the third consecutive week, they take out the strongest player left in the game. Good job Villains, you do know how to strike a loss. But wait, didn’t the Heroes do that when they voted out Tom and Steph?

Well who knew that Coach would be eliminated because of Sandra’s scheme. It’s true, the way to win survivor is to outwit people. To outwit, you have to know what would make this person vote this way. Further, put that wit together with the cutfest manifesto of Sandra that “as long as it isn’t me” and you’ve got one big threat under the radar. It’s Pearl Islands all over again and I wouldn’t be surprised if Sandra not Parvati not Russell wins this.

Interesting how Russell made it clear at Tribal that he would be voting out Courtney but in a weird twist of events, Danielle, who suggested the idea voted Coach out. But then again, Parvati could have convinced Danielle to stick with the plan. With that, it shows the powers of both Parv and Sand.

Nothing exciting this week but the next real episode of Survivor (not next week  as it’s recap week) has been spoiled. It’s so obvious that by showing JT say “I’m gonna give the immunity idol to Russell”, and stating that this would be the dumbest move ever in Survivor History only points to one thing…


Now seriously, I’m not shocked. With JT thinking that it’s a girl’s alliance over the villains, he seriously read the cards wrong. Hantz already described the scenario… the heroes tribe would go looking for Hantz to be their tiebreaker. He would give the hidden immunity to Hantz, Hantz would find another hidden immunity and give it yet again to Parvati. Now what would happen is, Hantz would take this opportunity and vote out JT. JT will be blindsided and hey, good luck.

This obviously would beat Tyson’s stupid move this tribal. Speaking of Tyson and ok, I’ll include Rob and Coach, it shows the effect of how the assumption of  a merge can clearly signal the voting strategy. With the heroes tribe, it was utterly stupid  to do the alliance voting way early in the game but with the villains, it really is highly understandable. Too bad they read the timing wrong. It shows with their decision to dismantle the camp.

Things I do know:

  1. Jerri is definitely regretting her decision in voting Boston Rob.
  2. Russell is feeling power course through his veins.
  3. Sandra has now found Russell’s weakness and use it to his advantage. She’ll be the puppet master of the puppet master. This is a better position to be in.
  4. Candice and Amanda now have their doubts about JT. If JT wouldn’t have done that decision, I know he would be at the bottom of the totem pole if the Heroes did reach the top 5.
  5. I miss Rob, Tom, Steph and Tyson already…

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