Posted by: dcmjlive | April 14, 2010

Top 9 Redux: Elvis Week

Elvis week and Adam Lambert mentors. I actually think Adam did an OK job with mentoring them. I was expecting everyone though to give out of the box performances with great dynamics. Somehow, it seemed flat still. Adam could only really do good dynamics with himself than with the idols.

Crystal Bowersox – Saved

What can I say, Crystal gave a very solid performance. My problem is though that it felt stiff like a normal Casey James performance. I felt that the gospel singers gave more movement than Crystal. I felt that since she took a gospel feel, she should have made it feel like “praise the lord, I’m saved.” It just lacked that enthusiasm that was constricted by just standing in one spot.

GRADE: 1.5

Andrew Garcia – Hound Dog

Do I have to critique it? OK fine, it was like a sick hound dog. It felt like he was dragging through it. It felt so boring and lackadaisical. But there’s a sure thing, that bad arrangement will never catch a rabbit and won’t be a friend of mine. Vocals…they’re ok. But that’s the only consolation

GRADE: 5.0

Tim Urban – Can’t Help Falling In Love

Can I just say, Tim is doing a reverse Jason Castro. You know how Jason showed so much potential in the start but started to become lax at the end, it’s the reverse for Tim. This performance of Tim’s felt like Jason’s Hallelujah or even Casey’s Jealous Guy. I thought he would stick to his three notes but he added dynamics, he showed vulnerability and definitely gave the best performance of the night. I now have no problem if VFTW decides to vote for Tim because he extremely deserves to be there.

GRADE: 1.0

Lee DeWyze – A Little Less Conversation

The problem with this song is that it can get karaoke quick but the thing with his rendition was that it felt current like Ellen said. What I liked about this performance is the new arrangement with the high rasp notes that really worked out. I get what Kara says, there needs to be more balance between rasp and smooth-sexiness. But it was really good. The ending seemed a bit off though. It didn’t end off well.

GRADE: 1.25

Aaron Kelly – Blue Suede Shoes

Like Adam, I was surprised. I never knew that Aaron had that raspy low register that seemed so good. Vocally, that was hot. I mean, it proved to me that he could actually work his lower register. Problem is the song because it needed a heavy amount of swag. He decided to not change the arrangement much and with that, it needed that grunge effect and tapping some high register notes. So all together, not so great but good.

GRADE: 1.75

Siobhan Magnus – Suspicious Minds

Vocally, I think she did a good job. The thing however, I didn’t like the start. The whole song seemed too old fashioned for me. For me, the whole song lacked some power and consistency. It was only the last notes that somehow worked. It was pretty weak for me.

GRADE: 2.25

Michael Lynche – In the Ghetto

We have a contender for Tim. Actually, he might have even done it an inch better than Tim just due to the incredible soul that came out. It really was a terrific job. I loved the vulnerability of the song. He phrased the song so well and I loved how he did these dramatic pauses. It was dope.

GRADE: 1.0

Katie Stevens – Baby What Do You Want Me to Do

I’m getting surprised by all the ones that I considered to have no game in idol and never felt like they deserved a spot in the top 12. Now, I feel like Katie Stevens is doing a Diana DeGarmo as MJ Santili comments. She finally showcased her range, gave a powerful performance and blew the roof off. A few pitch and tempo problems here and there… caused by the swaybots but not a bad performance nonetheless.

GRADE: 1.25

Casey James – Lawdy Miss Clawdy

It seems like the pimp spot is getting under utilized as of late. The problem of this performance can be summarized into two things. First would be he performed in the stinking pit of death. Hasn’t people learned that after both Matt and Kris failed to give solid performances there, no one should ever perform there? The song felt like it was going nowhere with all the swaybots being out of tempo. And he did give a good vocal but I didn’t feel anything again because of these swaybots.  Second would be the stiffness of Casey James. I’ve said it a thousand times and even with Adam mentoring, he still needs to learn how to command the stage, or in this case, the pit.

GRADE: 2.25

OK… so my favorites of the night have to be Tim and Mike. Worst performance came from Andrew. Not a bad night.


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