Posted by: dcmjlive | April 21, 2010

Top 7 Idol Gives Back (Inspirational Songs)

We now have the top 7…FINALLY. But I don’t think this season is moving quite the rate I wanted it. I’m happy Andrew Garcia is gone and to some extent Katie, but it still feels weird without Benami, Epperley and Lambert.

Casey James – Don’t Stop

The problem really with Casey is that he still keeps that stiff safe song choice. It’s getting boring and although this is a singing competition, you have to bring something for the fans and not necessarily for yourself. Music is about pleasing people and that really isn’t a crowd-pleaser. What’s more, he was very pitchy and monotone this time around. Lastly, he doesn’t look like a star yet. He still wants to keep that ponytail that clearly isn’t doing anything for him. And like Kara said, he needs moments such as Jealous Guy.

GRADE: 2.75

Lee DeWyze – The Boxer

With Lee, I think he did a good job in retelling the story. He had beautiful phrasing and often in tune vocals. My problem with this song is that it didn’t have a standout moment. The la-la-lie part actually detracted from the song because it was louder than other parts. I wish he put more to the song that would climax the song. It sort of fell flat. But nevertheless, it was sung good, just not great.

GRADE: 2.0

Tim Urban – Better Days

Despite what the judges say, I actually liked this performance of Tim. For me, he’s finally learning how to bring more emotion to the songs. I just think the judges got taken aback by the new song choice because of the difference with this and his usual song choice. I actually found it to be like Lee’s. Pitchy some places but given his limited range, it’s forgivable.

GRADE: 1.75

Aaron Kelly – I Believe I Can Fly

Well, we’re back to hearing the higher register of Aaron Kelly. I don’t like the quick cut in the start. This performance just reminds me of Aaron Kelly, the one who’s trying to repeat performances. The arrangement isn’t doing it for him. It was too compressed. And I didn’t like how he entered the last chorus. And his glory note, I think that’s the only thing that went right.

GRADE: 3.0

Siobhan Magnus – When You Believe

When I was young and Prince of Egypt came out, this was my favorite song. The song in itself was very inspiring (hence going with the theme) and it had such power because Mariah and Whitney were both in their prime. What made the song so powerful is the power belting bridge. But again, I didn’t like the arrangement because it didn’t have the bridge. For me, it was short of inspiring. The song didn’t work well and like Simon said, it did feel old-fashioned. Vocally, yes she did well but as an overall performance, it fell short from brilliant. It was just, flat…

GRADE: 2.25

Michael Lynche – Hero

Well, he’s taking a huge risk with this. It’s the first time for me to hear a song that isn’t exactly soulful. From hearing Lee, Siobhan and now Mike, a resounding problem is coming up, these people do not know how to make an arrangement that produces awe-inspiring dynamics. And like Simon said, it really felt artificial. Again, vocally, they are doing well, but they are not really bringing it emotionally on a night where emotion is key. Hatest part, the “and they’re watching us” ending. It added no substance to the song because it was really flat.

GRADE: 2.5

Crystal Bowersox – People Get Ready

The night where Crystal does NOT use the guitar, is the night where she finally made a genuine idol showstopper of the season. And I love the vulnerability that came from crying. I love it from the start where she sang a capella, until the music came in and the end where she broke down to tears. She unlike everyone here did the dynamics really well and it’s something to really thank the Lord about. If don’t know what would happen if Crystal loses.

GRADE: 1.0

And that’s it. Honestly, if Crystal were the bar, everyone else would be getting much lower scores, around a number lower.


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