Posted by: dcmjlive | April 23, 2010

Tim Urban and JT Out

Well, this week was pretty interesting, if you don’t agree, well…

Anyway, first things first, I have to talk about Idol as this is an Idol critique site. Honestly, wasn’t expecting Turban to go. I actually felt that Turban really has grown and he deserved to stay longer than high school student Aaron Kelly and you know what, Casey James who has consistently been giving the same exact performances save for Jealous Guy for the past few weeks. You need a balance of diversity and individuality in the songs and it’s something that’s lacking in every single one of the idols this season. I’m happy Tim took a risk but the risk did not pay off. So oh well… the time I wanted him gone, he was not and the time I wanted him in, he left.

Now about taking risks, Parvati pulled a big risk tonight. One thing that is true, Parvati is a dangerous player. She’s more dangerous than Boston Rob and Russell combined. She doesn’t have ego to blindside her and she knows what moves to play. I can try to repicture what was going through her head:

  1. I stepped down in the immunity challenge quicker than what I should have done, maybe they’d think that I have the idol. But Amanda knows that I have the idol, do you think she’d want me to flush it out so that a villain would leave?
  2. Amanda said that I should use the idol. That pretty much confirms that she wants the idol flushed out. But then again, maybe she’s protecting me. Maybe her efforts haven’t been effective to convince the tribe, she told me that she doesn’t have much say in this. But if she were protecting me, she won’t outright say to use the idol. Something’s fishy.
  3. The heroes won’t quickly vote Russell, they’re targeting me. They can’t vote Danielle off because she has immunity.
  4. Colby says that they might just vote off someone else. This pretty much confirms I’m not in the chopping block. But what if he’s just saying that so I’ll waste my idol on someone else then I get the 5 votes. It would be 5 votes because I know Russell is on my side, Amanda would not switch to our side just to protect me just yet, and the rest of the heroes obviously would vote me if that were the case.
  5. If I get the 5 votes, probably either Amanda would side with me and Sandra in the other side. What if I give my idol to Sandra so she would be indebted to me so that if the vote does go to me, she won’t switch sides. But also, to increase the odds, what if they vote off Jerri or Sandra instead of me. In that case, I give an incentive to both Jerri and Sandra not to switch sides and furthermore, that assures me that I won’t be the one to be eliminated. If the heroes do vote off Jerri or Sandra, the villains would obviously have the numbers and JT would have been eliminated.

I know, it’s some careful thinking on the part of Parvati. It would have been interesting to see the turn out had the Heroes just voted Parvati off or if Parvati didn’t think of line of thinking #5 above and decided just to save Sandra and herself. The first scenario might have them go back and see how many votes against them they had and in that case, there would be zero each forcing them to have that fire making challenge, which would have decided the power. The second would scenario would have simply booted Jerri off.

But it’s also interesting to note that earlier in the episode, Parvati wanted to save one of the idols for herself but instead use the idols to form indebtedness to the tribe therefore solidifying it much more. It was a big risk that did pay off.

Even more interesting is how Sandra is going to play this game next episode. She’ll actually gain power as the swing vote given the circumstance that she knows that the heroes know she was telling the truth but also, the villains could trust Sandra now that she’s indebted to Parvati. (See, Sandra is a villain.) Also, Parvati’s little stunt has now revealed her to become the ring leader and not Russell putting some doubt into Russell’s mind. It’ll be hard for him to trust Parvati now because he wasn’t informed of this power play. I’ll like how this fans out. 😀


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