Posted by: dcmjlive | April 30, 2010

Siobhan and Amanda Booted

It’s kind of a sad week for me to be honest. I like both Siobhan and Amanda now. It just pains me that someone I begin to like or liked from the very beginning respectively goes home.

With Siobhan, it’s frustrating because VFTW was right, she’s the only one left out of the crummy ones who knows how to make a performance. I’ve pretty much given up looking for a TRUE moment from one of these idols.

As with Amanda, we can attribute the loss solely to Candice. What a disappointment. I mean come on, Parvati could have FINALLY left (even if she is my favorite as well). Candice was the true swing vote this time as she brought Sandra as her co-swing votes. It’s really the problem with jumping ship. And it’s interesting how the thing with the villains is going down. I might even guess there might be a casualty next week that doesn’t involve Russell VS Parvati. Probably it would be Jerri or Danielle going if there’s a divide.

And wow, what an amazing waste of idol from Hantz. Didn’t see that one coming. I understand his fear at the moment but he made more ballsy moves before…


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