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Candice, Danielle out

Well, I’m pretty much bored by idol now. You can tell by me not posting anything about Sinatra night. Here’s the super quick version on it. Aaron Kelly did a schmaltzy rendition. Casey James goat vibratto-ed his way to becoming worse (down to become the VFTW pick). Lynche nailed the night but still felt boring. Bowersox is losing her swag. And Lee, somewhat near Lynche the night but still boring. SNORE… Oh and yeah, High School student Aaron Kelly is finally gone! WOOT! I like the CSAB version a little bit more than what’s happening in snooze idol.

The real fun thing to watch again is really SURVIVOR! With such competitive minds, the game is ON!

Candice’s elimination

This elimination has Jerri, Colby and Rupert written all over.

Russell tried to control this game by adding numbers to the villains because of the fear of losing Sandra to the Heroes. Candice, I would have to say, stupidly jumps ship when she actually knows that Sandra would flip. Honestly, I’m wondering why it’s not nominated as the stupidest moves in Survivor History. She knows how the heroes would vote. She knows how the villains would vote. She knows that she’s got Sandra’s vote. Why betray someone who trusts you strongly over someone who is attempting to gain your trust? The ship the heroes had when Sandra jumped ship proved not to be a sinking one until Candice made her move. And the casualty, herself.

Jerri knew that they didn’t need her. Sandra was totally now on the villains. In a way, Candice was in the outs in the villains alliance. So Jerri quickly nominated her to go.

To show that Russell was totally out of this game, he even thought Rupert had the idol. He was played. That was an awesome move on Rupert’s part because it went to the inevitable splitting of votes. The villains were dumb enough to let Colby eavesdrop leaving him to know that Jerri had suggested quickly leading him and Rupert to jump from the sinking ship and sneakingly use the splitting of votes to their advantage. In a way, I commend Colby for playing the wits game.

Candice’s stupid move led to her casualty. The game is so intense, a lot have been eliminated because of it.

DIRECT karma hit: Tyson, JT, Candice
Karma casualties: Boston Rob, Courtney, Amanda

Speaking of Colby and this immunity challenge, I’m disappointed. The original HERO of the Survivor series, willing to bring it all in challenges has just lost his spark. With 4 immunity challenges in (with the episode included), he has done zilch to fight for immunity. What he goes for now lately are rewards. Seriously, Colby has lost what I idolized from him in Season 2. Before Ozzy, he was the man with the most immunity challenges won in a row. It is kinda stupid that Russel still thinks Colby has that edge because all the girls know that that blade is rusty.

Danielle’s elimination

For once, Danielle is a clear casualty. Russell now has become very jealous of team Parvati-Danielle. Russell has turned from smart to madman. He knows he can’t win when the final three comes if it was him, Parvati and Danielle.

In an interesting play of events, Parvati smells something fishy. Her bond with Danielle is too solid to not feel that Russell is lying to her. And who can blame her, Russell was acting like a moron. When Parvati brought up wanting to talk to Danielle, Russell started acting all defensive. Russell’s “don’t talk to her” convinced nobody. And when Parvati said, I won’t tell her it’s you, she clearly lied back because after, they found out that Russell was plotting against them.

The power play though that went about is a combination of Russell jumping ship to do the deed and threatening Jerri. When Jerri learned at tribal that it was Russell-Parvati-Danielle in the end, she knew she’d fall for fourth. From there, she knew Hantz wasn’t lying and decided to break the trio.

In short, like I predicted last week, Danielle became the casualty of the Russell-Parvati distrust issue. It really is rooted in the fact that Parvati told Danielle about the hidden immunity idol and not Hantz.

Russell did play like a madman now and it worked in the short run. But new developments would happen:

  1. Jerri: Now that she broke up the trio, she can now comfortably be in control together with Parvati and Sandra. She can now take advantage of the fact that Russel challenged Parvati.
  2. Sandra: Also feeling the same way as Jerri, she can also feel comfortable in the villain alliance with Parvati. Ironic how the alliances Russell broke up are now one strong alliance. (Russell kicked out Boston Rob’s crew with Sandra as a survivor. Russell voted out Coach and broke the love tandem between him and Jerri. Russell then broke his own trio by making a move to eliminate Danielle leaving Parvati.)
  3. Russell: Now, he has to suffer the consequence of his actions. Since he broke up with Parvati with that decision, he is now ironically in the outs of his tribe. That’s far from what he wanted…to be the puppet master. His only way to salvation, siding with the heroes.
  4. Colby: Even if Colby does not have the willpower to play OUTPLAY, he does somehow manage to play OUTLAST. Steph and Tom gone, he was saved by luck when James broke his foot. JT played a move that would sink the heroes ship threatening to get him out of the game. Even further, when they could finally have gotten control of the game, Candice stupidly flips making his boat to sink again. If it weren’t for Russell’s stupid move now, he wouldn’t actually have a chance to stay THIS long. But you know what, he might actually be playing the “I’m weak” card to get further in the game. But, it won’t get him to win, that’s for sure.

So it comes down to Parvati and Rupert. It’s clear Russell would side with the Heroes. In a twist of events, it’s the guys versus the girls. And as Fans VS Favorites proved, the girls are just smarter than the men. It’s survivor 6 all over again. It’s not HEROES VS VILLAINS anymore, it’s MEN VS WOMEN. Survivor 6 crowned Jenna Morasca the winner, a woman. And oh yeah, who won Fans VS Favorites, I remember its Parvati, another woman.

So how would this thing go? I tallied up the votes each person has because now it’s back to an even playing field meaning the first determinant to see who would go would be votes. (These are the votes that COUNTED. Therefore, this does not include the votes that were cast but were discarded by the Hidden Immunity Idol.)

Rupert 6
Russell 5
Colby 3
Parvati 3
Jerri 1
Sandra 0

With this, the clear targets yet again are Rupert and Parvati. Not only because Rupert is strong and Parvati is witty but also because they have the most votes for their respective tribes. Let’s show the scenarios taking into account immunity.

Rupert has Immunity:
Boys vote Parvati
Girls vote either Hantz or Colby
If Hantz, Hantz leaves.
If Colby, fire making challenge, so they’d rather choose Hantz, Hantz leaves.

Parvati has Immunity:
Boys vote Jerri
Girls vote Rupert
Rupert goes home

Russell has Immunity:
Boys vote Parvati
Girls vote Rupert or Colby
If Rupert, Rupert leaves
If Colby, firemaking challenge so they’d rather choose Rupert, Rupert leaves.

Jerri has Immunity:
Boys vote Parvati
Girls vote Rupert
Rupert goes home

Colby has Immunity:
Boys vote Parvati
Girls vote Rupert
Rupert goes home

Sandra has Immunity:
Boys vote Parvati
Girls vote Rupert
Rupert goes home

In short, Russell is STILL on the losing side. There’s actually no reason to jump ship. A better decision would be to make amends with Parvati. If Rupert doesn’t win immunity, he’s gone. If he does, Russell leaves.

So after Rupert leaves, Russell or Colby would be next on the chopping block. Russell could always jump ship, which would leave Colby hanging. Assuming Russell hangs Colby out to dry and that he’s still in the outs, he’d have to win immunity to get into the final three but even if that happens, he won’t win. If he does win, then it would be interesting who would leave.

But I might be wrong about this because I’m not sure if the guys are really going to continue their new-found alliance. They could turn tables if one of them had the hidden immunity idol, but sadly, Sandra has that. And my guess is, she wouldn’t even need to play it.

Anyone up for a Sandra-Parvati-Jerri final three? or would it be a Sandra-Parvati-Russell final three? or an almost impossible Sandra-Jerri-Russell final three.

One thing’s for sure, Sandra is a shoe-in for final three. 😛


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