Posted by: dcmjlive | May 9, 2010


Again? Grr. Oh well. I’m not really mad but this was a bad moment for Kris last year. This year however, I’m pretty much ok with it. Annoyingly, the duet with Crystal in it would most likely be the better one like the one with Allison in it. (3 guys and a girl again? Hopefully the girl doesn’t leave this time.)

Interestingly as well, the camp should a been version sort of copies the one of last season. In CSAB, it will end up with 2 guys and 2 girls. Also, it’ll be where we’ll see 3 of the original top 4 and 1 person who’ll be the Alexis Grace of the season. If I’m not mistaken as well, the Alexis Grace would be eliminated as well, leaving 2 guys and a girl…just like last season’s CSAB. But that’s enough for the slight spoiler. I’m thinking you know who would’ve reached the top 4.

My big problem however is creating a duet score for the other pair. My guess would be to divide the score of the real duet into 2, get the .9 score of the average of whoever lost his/her duet partner due to CSAB and the score of the Alexis Grace on the night. Hmm… I guess.


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